‘Stranger Things’ Gets A Season Two

Drew Dietsch

The immensely positive response to Stranger Things has been a welcome surprise. A show steeped in ’80s genre nostalgia seemed like it would be too niche for mainstream audiences, but it’s proven to be one of Netflix’s most popular pieces of original programming. The series ended on an ambiguous cliffhanger that could have been a solid (if disturbing) ending to the story, but it sounds like we will see where that shocking moment leads.

Netflix announced that Stranger Things has received another season. Better yet, it will directly continue on from the end of season one.

SPOILERS for Stranger Things from here on out.

Stranger Things

With the introduction of the Upside Down, the world of Stranger Things gave viewers an entire realm that is full of monstrous potential. Even though Will Byers was rescued, something horrendous still lurks inside him. His ability to shift between our plane of existence and the Upside Down could mean other creatures will use him as a conduit to our world. And what about those slugs he belched up? Is something growing inside of him? Could he be changing into a creature himself?

The Monster from season one was an instantly iconic baddie, so it stands to reason that season two will be upping the ante in the monster division. Hopefully, we’ll get to see a variety of life from the Upside Down. Are there humanoids in that world? What’s the history of that place? And are there even more realms that we haven’t seen? The possibilities are endless.

We also have to hope that Eleven will be making a return at some point. Seeing as how Hopper left her favorite food in a box out in the woods, it’s safe to assume that she’s not out of the picture yet.

Stranger Things is a high watermark in terms of viciously genre material finding a wide audience, and it’s fantastic to hear that the show will be able to give fans even more of this delightfully twisted story. Check out our watch-along series if you can’t get enough of this wonderful show.

Drew Dietsch
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