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After several weeks of small updates, Bungie held a formal event showcasing gameplay footage of the highly anticipated Destiny 2. During an official live stream event on Twitch, Bungie premiered a new trailer, as well as confirmed a slew of storyline and planet details in the new game.

In the original Destiny, players took the role of a newly awakened Guardian on the outskirts of humanity’s last city, The Tower. Adding their power to the city’s Vanguard, Guardians travel across the solar system combating the Forces of Darkness. The four alien races of the Fallen, Hive, Vex, and Cabal created a powerful united force against humanity. Guardians took part in major battles with powerful villains such as Crota, Oryx, and Aksis in order to protect the last few bits of the human race.

However, everything changes after an attack on the Tower.


Rumors of the Cabal forces being nothing more than a ‘scouting party’ in the first game have come true. The Red Legion lead by a Cabal general named Ghaul suddenly attack the tower in a massive invasion and space onslaught. The opening mission of Destiny 2, entitled Homecoming, takes place during the onslaught of the Tower. The leaders of the Vanguard, Zavala, Cayde-6, and Ikora lead the scattered defense force against the Cabal. Vaults are destroyed, the city’s factions are in disarray, and The Speaker loses his life. While the leaders of the Vanguard fight bravely, they later become separated as the fight becomes overwhelming.

Ghaul is the major villain of Destiny 2.  His power is felt immediately as his Red Legion attempt to take the Traveler for themselves. The Cabal commanders strict training and upbringing lead him to feel entitled to the Traveler’s power. Instead of vying for the destruction of humanity like the villains in the first game, Ghaul’s goals are much more sinister and meticulous.

The first mission ends with Amanda Holliday transporting the Guardian out of the city and into orbit, where they land on the outside of a major Cabal command vessel. The Guardian meets Ghaul face to face after entering the ship from an open hanger bay.

New Planets

Destiny 2 includes three all-new planets for Guardians to explore: Titan, Nessus, and Io. The game will include much larger maps filled with a variety of activities. Players can seamlessly travel between planets without returning to orbit. The scattered Vanguard branch across these new planets and Guardians must travel there, complete missions, and unite them together to reclaim their home.

European Dead Zone

With the destruction of the Tower, humanity begins to rebuild on Earth in the European Dead Zone. This major area serves as the primary meeting place for Guardians and the last remnants of civilization. Guardians can travel here to explore the wilds outside of its bases or to resupply or meet up with other players.


Titan is the largest moon of Saturn. This is the area where Commander Zavala flees after the destruction of the Tower. There, he nurses his wounds from the Cabal attack on the Traveler and fights existential thoughts of how Guardians can still continue without the light of the Traveler. Titan is a massive methane ocean scattered with mechanical platforms once occupied by humanity during the Golden Age. The platforms and structures fight forty foot high waves and are sink slowly into the ocean.


Nessus is a small ice planetoid that has been overrun by the Vex. Filled with beautiful natural red vegetation and sprawling cliffsides, Guardians will find plenty to explore within its nuances. In this area, Guardians will work with Cayde-6 to undermine the spread of Vex influence. The area features gorgeous plateaus amongst the mechanical circuitry of the Vex strongholds.


Io is a moon of Jupiter filled with sulfuric deposits and lush green vegetation. The moon is the furthest place in the solar system that the Traveler touched, making it a holy place to Warlocks. After the collapse of the Tower, Ikora travels to Io in order to better connect with the lost power of the Traveler. The lore and mystery of this moon expand into underground complexes full of secrets.

Destiny 2 is set for release on September 8th, 2017. Be sure to check out our expansive Destiny wiki for information leading up to its release.

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