Steven Universe’s Fourth StevenBomb: All the Feels

TV Animated Series
TV Animated Series

Last week’s StevenBomb was a roller coaster of feels. The phrase, coined by Steven Universe creator Rebecca Sugar, refers to the show’s technique of dropping five consecutive new episodes within a week. Each “bomb” usually revolves around a certain theme and this time it was Steven’s birthday. He turned the big 1-4!

Monday: “The Answer”


In the first episode “The Answer,” Garnet tells Steven how Ruby and Sapphire met. Ruby was escorting Sapphire to Earth to rendezvous with Blue Diamond, but their journey is interrupted by the rebels Rose Quartz and Pearl. As a result of protecting Sapphire from being “poofed,” the two Gems end up fusing accidentally for the first time. The fusion of two dissimilar Gems is unheard of and frowned upon on Homeworld. The duo ends up fleeing to Earth where they realize that they enjoy their new form as Garnet and end up joining the Crystal Gems.

Tuesday: “Steven’s Birthday”


In the second episode “Steven’s Birthday,” we learn that Steven doesn’t age like regular humans since he is half Gem. This clearly distresses Connie because she has always assumed that they’d grow up together. Steven tries to force a growth spurt by stretching himself out, only to end up devolving into an infant. He turns back to normal after Connie reassures him that she accepts him no matter what age he is.


Wednesday: “It Could’ve Been Great”

In the third episode, “It Could’ve Been Great,” the group travels to the Moon Diamond Base in order to steal the exact coordinates of the Cluster. Peridot acts like a fangirl throughout the mission,  squealing over every mural and technology made for her beloved Diamonds. Her idolization of the Great Diamond Authority and her disappointment of the shutdown of the colonization of Earth causes a rift between the Gems and Peridot.  Peridot fails to understand that this would’ve caused the extinction of life…life that the Crystal Gems have sworn to protect.

Thursday: “Message Received”


In the fourth episode “Message Received,” Steven suspects that Peridot is going to betray the Crystal Gems. He shares his suspicions with Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl. The group tries but fails to prevent Peridot from contacting Yellow Diamond. In a surprising turn of events, Peridot attempts to convince Homeworld that Earth is worth saving. When Yellow Diamond disagrees, Peridot defies her and deflects to Earth. Steven pronounces her a Crystal Gem, much to her dismay.

Friday: “Log Date 7 15 2”

Log Date 7 15 21

In the fifth and final episode “Log Date 7 15 2,” we see how Peridot deals with her unexpected mutiny. Steven gives her a tape recorder so that she can log her daily observations. He sneaks a listen to her diary entries after he witnesses Garnet and Peridot, ordinarily at odds with each other, being chummy. Their new found friendship was the result of an attempted fusion between the two. While the endeavor failed, Garnet was proud Peridot made an effort to understand her.

While we’re sad that the week has come to an end, we look forward to upcoming StevenBombs. The next wave of new episodes has yet to be announced but we’ll keep you updated once we know details.

For everything you’ll ever want to know about Steven Universe, check out the Steven Universe Wikia, home to 1,243 pages about the show.

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