The hit Cartoon Network show Steven Universe has already seen two mobile games—2015’s Attack the Light and 2016’s Soundtrack Attack—but it’s about to make a move to a much more powerful platform. Today, Cartoon Network Games announced Steven Universe: Save the Light will be heading to consoles this summer.

A screenshot for Steven Universe: Save the Light.

The upcoming release, developed by Attack the Light developer Grumpyface Studios, will take the form of an RPG, complete with the requisite battle system. Cartoon Network Games has only released three screenshots and not a whole lot of information about Save the Light, but what’s been shown so far definitely captures the bold, colorful look of the Cartoon Network series.

A screenshot for Steven Universe: Save the Light.

Also, hot on the heels of the announcement of O.K. K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes—a new cartoon created by former Steven Universe co-executive producer Ian Jones-Quartey—Cartoon Network Games also announced a video game version of this upcoming show developed by Capybara Games (who previously made Super Time Force). Based on screenshots available, this O.K. K.O. game looks to be a brawler akin to classics like Final Fight or Streets of Rage. Its release date and platform will likely be revealed as this weekend’s PAX East convention, along with more details about gameplay.

A screenshot of the upcoming O.K. K.O. Go! video game.

While we don’t know a whole lot about either title, we’re sure to learn more as we approach their respective releases. Be sure to check back with Fandom as more info drops about these great-looking games.

Bob Mackey
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