‘Steven Universe’ Has New Episodes All Summer Long

Henry Gilbert
TV Animated Series
TV Animated Series

When you’re waiting for new episodes of Steven Universe, Cartoon Network’s popular and offbeat series, it isn’t very easy. The show’s mix of silly comedy, heartfelt family drama, and lovely music has pulled in so many folks, but actually finding new episodes is a challenge, with it sometimes taking months of silence before even a single 11-minute episode airs. Well, fans now have reason to celebrate as next week begins a bonafide Summer of Steven, with new episodes airing every weeknight for more than a month!

Starting Monday, July 18, a new episode of Steven Universe airs every weeknight at 7 p.m. And unlike previous “StevenBomb” presentations, this isn’t just a handful of new toons, but instead, it’ll be over multiple weeks, comprising the 20 or so remaining episodes of the third season. Based on the moments in the above teaser, it looks like Lapis Lazuli will be getting to know the rest of the team, Pearl will be wearing a tuxedo, and Stevonnie will make a return. Pretty exciting stuff for the rest of the third year.

Want to get up-to-date on Steven Universe? You could watch the first 52 episodes on Hulu right now, but if you want a shorter recap of the first year of the show, give a watch to this extended version of the theme song.

All the Steven Universe fun starts July 18 at 7 p.m. on Cartoon Network.

Henry Gilbert
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