Stephen King & Warner Bros are Bringing Terror Home to Blu-ray


The master of baby boomer terror, Stephen King helps usher in three of his classics to home video. On Sept. 20, Cat’s Eye, It and Salem’s Lot make their North American Blu-ray debut . While Germany and other European outlets already had some of these films in HD, the US settled for DVDs. Now, in 2016, America prepares to meet the world of 2009! All kidding aside, it is a bit ridiculous that it took the new It movie to get these movies out the proverbial door.

Cat’s Eye

cats eye blu ray box

Cat’s Eye is making its home video debut in the proper aspect ratio. While this anthology is not as fondly remembered by the mainstream, it’s a collection of three shorter stories that are among the best that King has to offer. Somewhere between James Woods trying to quit smoking and Robert Hays walking that high-rise ledge, you’ll be hooked. Your enjoyment of Drew Barrymore and her cat, however, depends on your age. When the film first debuted, many were quick to poke fun at the hokey nature of the little imp torturing the kitty’s adopted family.

Salem’s Lot

salems lot poster

Salem’s Lot is the second title that Warner Bros is showing that sweet HD love. The big shocker is the new Tobe Hooper commentary included in the special features. Originally meant to be Romero‘s follow-up to Dawn of the Dead, after Herzog and Badham beat him to the vampire punch, Romero left. The decision was made to turn the movie into a TV mini-series event. Coupling WB feature production values with the still underground horror style of new director Tobe Hooper, the result was one of the most underrated American vampire movies. Barlow‘s fiendish appearance is still one of the best upgrades on the Stephen King source material ever put to film.


Stephen King It clown scary face

It (1990) was previously announced as an early October 2016 release. Now, a new generation of fans gets to experience the two-night movie event as a complete film. The Blu-ray comes with a commentary that was seemingly ported over from its DVD or LaserDisc release. Judging by the talent involved, it had to have been recorded over 13 years ago. Fans don’t need stellar special features, just give us the film that we want. The market is there! The market is there!

A Prayer for the Home Video Nerds

Home video nerds of the world rejoice! While many would decry physical media and warn you that the sky is falling, the major studios are opening their libraries to explore their deep cuts. Fans should take the time to applaud WB and pray that other studios open up the coffers for The Stand and Maximum Overdrive. Make it happen, fandom. The world needs more Stephen King in HD.

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