Steam’s Summer Sale Is Now Live

Nico Faraguna
Games Fallout
Games Fallout

According to Wikipedia, the term “wallet has been around since the 14th century and derived from Greek mythology involving the Gods Hermes and Perseus. Unfortunately, with the announcement of Steam’s Summer sale, your wallet will also become a legend, for it will fight valiantly to survive, only to fall at the feet of the mighty Gabe Newell.

That’s right. Steam’s annual Summer sale launched today with a summer picnic theme. The format is generally the same from past years, although flash sales and mini-games seem absent. However, trading cards are still around, which can be crafted into badges and other goodies, rewarding you for every purchase.

If you’re a PC gamer, here are some choice titles on sale today:

Ark Survival Evolved 45% off
Cities: Skylines 60% off
DOOM 40% off
Fallout 4 50% off
Darkest Dungeon 40% off
Payday 2 75% off
NBA 2K16 80% off
Prison Architect 75% off
Rust 50% off
Stardew Valley 20% off
The Talos Principle 75% off
This War of Mine 75% off
Undertale 30% off
XCOM 2 40% off

The sale will run until July 4 at 10am PDT.

RIP to wallets everywhere.

Nico Faraguna
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