#MyFandom: An Interview With the ‘Star Wars’ Wookieepedia Community

Sharon Kehoe
Movies Star Wars
Movies Star Wars

#MyFandom is a biweekly Twitter Q&A highlighting Wikia communities and pop culture influencers who love to geek out hard over their favorite fandoms. The latest program showcased our friends at Wookieepedia.

There’s this thing called Star Wars, and it’s kind of a big deal. From films, TV shows, books, and merchandise, the Star Wars franchise is more alive than ever. Since 1977, it’s been a pop culture mainstay, and its enthusiastic fandom is to thank for it. That’s why we wanted to chat with someone from Wookieepedia, the largest Star Wars fan site in the world, about this storied franchise. With more than 3.4 million global visitors to Wookieepedia in just the past 30 days, it’s obvious this community is the best source for Star Wars fandom.

@getfandom: For those who don’t know, what is Wookieepedia and how is it connected to Star Wars?
@WookOfficial: Wookieepedia is the #1 Star Wars fan site in the world. We cover and document all aspects of Star Wars lore.

@getfandom: Why do you think Star Wars has had such longevity in entertainment?
@WookOfficial: Myths are powerful in society. Star Wars is a modern day myth in the trappings of sci-fi. It speaks to people’s real feelings.

@getfandom: When did you first realize you had to be part of this fandom? Did you start the community?
@WookOfficial: I (@thebrandonrhea) didn’t start it. That was @riffsyphon1024 and Chad Barbry. I got involved in 2014 to document canon info.

@getfandom: Who is your favorite Star Wars character, and why?

star wars han solo force awakens meme

@getfandom: Use a GIF to represent your feelings when you first heard the separation of Legends and Canon.

@getfandom: If you could ask George Lucas any question about the franchise, what would it be?
@WookOfficial: What’s the internal temperature of a tauntaun? (And if his answer isn’t “Lukewarm” I will be very disappointed.)

@getfandom: You have to take a road trip with one Star Wars character, who do you choose?

@getfandom: Use a GIF to show everyone your anticipation for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

@getfandom: If you were a character in the Star Wars universe, what would be your name?

@getfandom: For anyone who hasn’t seen Star Wars, use three words to convince them to watch it.
@WookOfficial: Seriously? Seriously, SERIOUSLY?

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Sharon Kehoe
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