‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Won’t Be at Comic-Con 2017

Drew Dietsch
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The Last Jedi is possibly the most anticipated film of 2017. The sequel to The Force Awakens has fans eagerly awaiting any glimpse they can get at the new film. Usually, some kind of sneak peek is unveiled at San Diego Comic-Con. Looks like that’s not the case this year.

It’s been confirmed that The Last Jedi will not be making an appearance at Comic-Con this year. There will still be a booth on the convention floor and events centered around other Star Wars properties, but no press events, interviews, or big reveals are planned for the Last Jedi.

And there’s a very strategic reason for this.


d23 expo

Disney has its own convention, the D23 Expo, that has become more important since Disney’s acquisition of Star Wars and Marvel. It’s clear that Disney wants to try and make D23 a bigger destination for fans of their two immensely popular intellectual properties. The best way to do that is to make big reveals and events exclusive to their convention.

They already have started doing this with Star Wars Celebration. It was there that the first trailer for The Last Jedi was revealed. It’s possible that the next trailer for The Last Jedi will drop at D23. Granted, Marvel will still have a strong presence at Comic-Con. However, it’s not preposterous to think that even those events will shift towards D23 or even a newly formed event that’s solely focused on Marvel like Star Wars Celebration.

There will still be tons of awesome movies and shows at Comic-Con this year, but it’s definitely disappointing to know that The Last Jedi is going to be absent. Hopefully, this will give the other studios some room to really make a big splash. My fingers are crossed for a new It trailer! FANDOM will be at Comic-Con and we’ll make sure to bring you all the news you want.

Drew Dietsch
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