Is This ‘Star Wars: Episode IX’ Theory Irrelevant?

Drew Dietsch
Movies Star Wars
Movies Star Wars

Fan theories. There are a million of them and then some. Star Wars is probably the series with the largest amount of theories. If you don’t know about the craziness that is the “Jar Jar Binks is a secret Sith” theory, you have no idea how deep some fans can go. Naturally, The Last Jedi trailer has spawned a whole slew of fan theories. What’s surprising is how far fans are willing to take some small detail and extrapolate upon it to an insane level.

Case in point: Redditor McSlever has given a great deal of thought about the color of the Star Wars logo. Since The Last Jedi decided to change the iconic yellow Star Wars font to a more ominous red, Mcslever believes that Episode IX will have an orange colored logo.

It’s not that this is impossible. Episode IX‘s logo could just as likely have a rainbow gradient (this is too awesome to actually come true). But, McSlever’s reasoning is that orange will be the color that represents a balanced Force. Orange? Wouldn’t gray be more appropriate? Regardless, it’s irrelevant to speculate on this matter because the real answer is sadly less magical: it will either be yellow again or another color that will be visually striking. Red and yellow are primary colors that naturally pop to our eyes. Orange does not. By that logic, it’s more likely that Episode IX will have a blue-colored Star Wars logo. Complete the primary color trilogy! And you know, the first font we see in every film is blue…

a long time ago star wars font
Search your feelings, you know this is more likely!

The more detailed part of McSlever’s theory has to do with the Episode IX subtitle. This person is convinced that the word “whill” is going to be part of the subtitle. Considering this would be a little too fan-service-y, I’d immediately rule it out. Disney knows how to market this franchise and they will only use terminology that is known by even non-fans. “Whill” is way too much of a deep cut for global audiences to get hyped behind. Disney doesn’t want people scratching their heads over a subtitle. The Ancient Order of the Whills will probably be very important moving forward with the story, but it’s highly doubtful that will be reflected in a film title.

Even after all of this, there are a lot more pressing ideas worth contemplating other than logo colors and subtitles. The possible ideas about the Force that The Last Jedi is promising are intriguing and fresh for this universe. That’s the kind of thing that gets your brain going to imaginative and interesting places. It’s much more constructive to think about those possibilities than logo colors and subtitles. …Even though I did exactly that. Guess I can get sucked into it as well!

And if you are still thinking about that Jar Jar theory, I give you this:

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