Star Wars Celebration’s Coolest Crossover Cosplay

Movies Star Wars
Movies Star Wars

Cosplay is a staple of any convention, and Star Wars Celebration has plenty. Each Celebration will have plenty slave Leias, Darth Vaders, stormtroopers, and Boba Fetts walking around. 2016’s Celebration in London had plenty, and lots of Rey (the next staple?). Many cosplayers completely knocked it out of the park, with expertly made props and lots of attention to detail. If I could list all of them, I would.

But there were a few that really stood out because of their creativity. These cosplays impress not only with the effort and effect, but also their originality. It’s one thing making a fantastic stormtrooper or Mandalorian, and another experimentally combining them with other pop culture. It was a gamble that really paid off for these guys.

Without further ado, these are the best crossover cosplays at 2016’s Star Wars Celebration.

Mandalorian Merc with a Mouth


The pony is just spot on Deadpool. This mix works because both characters are bounty hunters. They also both fought one another in a rap battle. The big question is, can he regenerate from the Sarlacc?

Hip Hop Stormtrooper

The most hood trooper ever.

Not pictured is the rap playing in the background, from the cosplay below. It works epically because of just how lighthearted it is, and teamed up with the guy below, even better.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Trooper
teenage mutant ninja trooper

There was just so much work put into this one. Everything from the suit logos to the colors works perfectly. Not pictured is the hip hop music being blasted from the phone, which is a great touch as well.

Trooper of the Caribbean

Arrr me hearties, I be shootin

Who needs a cutlass when you can have a lightsaber? This outfit works fantastically.

Pikachu Fett

This outfit is so creative. From the Poké Balls replacing thermal detonators, to the Boba Fett-like armor dents, it’s just genius. And who would’ve thought Boba Fett and Pikachu were such a good combination? It’s also perfectly timed with the Pokémon GO hype, but I imagine she prepared this outfit long before that game blew up.

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