‘Star Wars Battlefront 2’ – EA Listening to What Fans Want?

The relaunch of Star Wars Battlefront was one of 2015’s biggest gaming moments. Thanks in part to the success of Star Wars: The Force AwakensBattlefront sold more than 14 million copies worldwide. A sequel is a given but for Star Wars Battlefront 2 most wanted changes, do players and EA see eye-to-eye? Publisher EA recently offered up some new insight.

Bigger Star Wars Equals Better?

In an interview with NASDAQ, EA's Financial Officer Blake Jorgensen had some brief statements about the much anticipated Star Wars Battlefront 2. Jorgensen said, “We’re taking that criticism to heart as we’re building the next game, and we’re trying to address any of the issues that it had.” When it comes to Star Wars Battlefront 2 most wanted fixes, most fan criticism begins with the lack of a solo campaign (and we don't mean Han Solo). Though the multiplayer action was a real treat for anyone who loves Star Wars, it seemed a bit spare with no real single player options.

If one of your Star Wars Battlefront 2 most wanted fixes was to see the use of more content from the new films, you might be in luck. Jorgensen confirmed some amount of content based on the new movies, saying the recent sequels make “the opportunity much larger.” Does that mean we'll at least see some of the characters and moments from Rogue One in Star Wars Battlefront 2? Perhaps even some DLC based on Episode 8? No matter what references ultimately appear, those disappointed by the limited amount of Force Awakens content in the first game, you can find new hope in more current references in Star Wars Battlefront 2.

In general, the mention of a "much bigger, much more exciting Battlefront" is vague but promising. What would you want to see in Star Wars Battlefront 2? A dedicated campaign? More multiplayer modes? Tell us on our Twitter @GetFandom!

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