Star Wars 8 Title Reaction, Square Enix Assembling Avengers Game, and More: The Week in Fandom

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The big movie news this week was the reveal of the official title for Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi. We know this isn’t the last Star Wars movie, so what’s the deal?

“Last Jedi” is kind of a hard left coming out of the hopeful-sounding “Force Awakens,” especially since the new title suggests The Force is going right back to sleep by the end. Everyone involved is keeping pretty tight-lipped: stars Mark Hamill and Daisy Ridley are already force-deflecting questions about the title and the internet is having a field day speculating on the possible titles for the follow-up, Episode IX, with gems like… Episode IX: JK Here’s Another Jedi, 2 Last 2 Jedi and Dude, Where’s My Jedi?

Earlier this week both Marvel and Square Enix announced that the two companies will produce a brand new Avengers game (or series of games). Now, We still haven’t seen a definitive triple-A MCU gaming experience (well, outside of LEGO), but if the gloomy trailer is any indication, we’re excited to see exactly what kind of Avengers game Marvel and Square Enix assemble.

And SPOILER ALERT (no, really)… Split is out and it’s finally a return to form for M. Might Shyamalan. Even if you haven’t seen it yet (Go!) you’ve probably caught wind of the super-spoiler twist ending, especially since Shyamalan has talked about it in numerous interviews. The twist is a nice exclamation point on a cool little thriller that seems to hint at the long-awaited sequel to Shyamalan’s seminal Unbreakable. So, if these two movies exist in one shared “Shyamalaniverse,” maybe there’s a chance we’ll get to see Bruce Willis go toe-to-toe with the aliens from Signs, or the evil grandparents in The Visit, or the… trees from The Happening?


And that’s your Week In Fandom!

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