‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Trailer: Is… Is That A Klingon?!?

Drew Dietsch
TV Star Trek
TV Star Trek

It’s been a while but the first real look at Star Trek: Discovery has finally landed. Check out the trailer for the new show and stick around because there is plenty to talk about.

The J.J. Abrams-ing Is Strong

star trek: discovery robot

We should have expected that this new series would be taking a lot of visual cues from the new slate of films. Maybe I was hoping a little too much for something more classic Trek. This new world is very, very shiny and sleek. Not to mention that the filmmaking style – extreme close-ups, Dutch angles – feel very inspired by what J.J. Abrams brought to Star Trek.

But, the thing we all need to talk about…


star trek discovery klingons

We knew that the Klingons were going to play a vital role in this series since Star Trek: Discovery is set during a time when the Federation and the Klingon Empire were enemies. But, man… I was not prepared for this. These Klingons look incredibly weird. Granted, fans probably thought the same thing when they underwent a re-design in the original Star Trek films.

It’s clear that this show is going to forge its own unique path with the Star Trek universe, and a bold take on the Klingons seems to be visual proof of that. What’s crazier is that there is some really great creature design going on elsewhere in the trailer. Take a look at this awesome fella!

star trek discovery creature hood

As a dyed-in-the-wool Trekkie, I can’t help but be excited. There is some caution to my giddiness but it’s still pure joy. Star Trek has worked best on television. If Star Trek: Discovery can tap into the things that make the series so special and moving, it has free reign to do whatever it wants. Even if it means making the Klingons look like Jeriba from Enemy Mine.

But hey, Enemy Mine is great. We’ll find out if Star Trek: Discovery is as great when it premieres later this fall.

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