New ‘Star Trek Beyond’ Stills Make Us Want to Join Starfleet

Yesterday, Paramount provided a whole bunch of new stills from Star Trek Beyond.

In short: they look great. The last trailer released for the film looks great, too. With Justin Lin in the director’s chair and Simon Pegg on writing duties, there’s definitely a different feel and mood going on with Star Trek Beyond, and I really like it.

Beyond shows us a Kirk who’s having a bit of an identity crisis. He’s halfway through his five-year mission, and feels he’s been living in the shadow of his father’s heroic career in Starfleet. Now, Kirk is questioning if he can ever carve out an identity for himself. That’s an odd place for Kirk to be at the start of this film, especially considering that fact that he sacrificed his own life for his crew, and was later resurrected by cure-all magic blood. That’s pretty special, but hey — from what I understand, Star Trek Into Darkness will be largely unacknowledged in Beyond. Many will say that’s for the better, and I agree with them.

Idris Elba, in heavy prosthetics, will play the film’s villain: Krall. He’s a nasty alien who, along with a swarm of tiny ships, will challenge the tenets that make Starfleet what it is. Sofia Boutella (Kingsman: The Secret Service) will play a new ally named Jaylah, whose look is nothing short of iconic. Seriously — she’s front and center in a lot of the film’s marketing for a reason. I love that look. Check out Jaylah, Krall, and the crew of the Enterprise below!

star-trek-beyond-still00015 STAR TREK BEYOND star-trek-beyond-still00013 star-trek-beyond-still00012 star-trek-beyond-still00011 star-trek-beyond-still00010 star-trek-beyond-still00009 star-trek-beyond-still00008 star-trek-beyond-still00007 star-trek-beyond-still00006 star-trek-beyond-still00005 star-trek-beyond-still00004 star-trek-beyond-still00003 star-trek-beyond-still00002 star-trek-beyond-still00001

To further whet your appetite for the film’s July 22 release, here are some great new posters for the film.

star-trek-beyond-poster-mccoy star-trek-beyond-poster-jaylah star-trek-beyond-poster-chekhov star-trek-beyond-poster-international star-trek-beyond-poster-enterprise

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