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Squirrel Girl is Headed To TV

We were saying it before it was cool, and it looks like someone over at ABC Studios was listening. It sounds like fan favorite Squirrel Girl is going to be showing up on the small screen. Start saving up your acorns!

Apparently, ABC will be starting up an adaptation of the New Warriors, one of Marvel’s teenage superhero groups. For DC fans, the Teen Titans would be the closest analogy. At the center of the show would be Doreen Green herself. This is a little odd since Squirrel Girl has never been a member of the New Warriors. But, this is the Marvel Cinematic Universe. If they ain’t afraid to do what they did with the Mandarin – which was brilliant – plugging a fan favorite character into a team she’s never been affiliated with seems pretty easy.

You have to believe that ABC will be leaning heavily on the comedic angle Squirrel Girl presents. And why shouldn’t they? The Marvel Cinematic Universe has done a fantastic job when it comes to humor. Mashing together superheroes with something like The Breakfast Club sounds like a surefire road to success.

Could there be some crowding of the market when New Mutants, another teenage superhero project, hits the screen? Hey, they even share the same first word in their title! Sounds like someone needs to race to the finish line so the other one looks like a latecomer.

Regardless, everyone should be stoked about Squirrel Girl finally getting her time in the sun. The character is lovable, cute, and secretly badass. Seriously, she’s taken down the likes of Galactus and Doctor Doom! Don’t think those squirrels can’t mess you up.

No word yet on this project’s timeline, but we’ll be keeping a sharp eye on it. The world can use all the Squirrel Girl it can get.

squirrel girl tv show new warriors
This is wonderful. More like this, please.

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