Square Enix, the publishers of DONTNOD’s Life is Strange, have recently launched a fundraising campaign partnership with PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center (NBPC). For every social media post that includes the hashtag #EverydayHeroes between January 12 and January 19th, Square Enix will make a donation to support bullying prevention. Participants may also see their story shared on Square Enix’s Every Day Heroes campaign page.

The effort aligns well with the retail release of Life is Strange, a touching episodic story game about a young woman that can travel through time. While the plot sounds dramatic, the story is quite small scale and does in fact discuss themes of bullying, depression, and abuse. It’s an inspiring game that resonated with a lot players and its refreshing to see open discussion of this subject matter in the games industry.

To support the campaign’s launch, Square Enix also produced a Life is Strange montage video with help from Ashley Burch, the voice of Chloe Price. Check it out below.