Spooky Games to Get You in the Halloween Spirit

C.Sean Piereman
Games Super Mario
Games Super Mario

It’s never too late to get into the Halloween spirit — whether it’s prepping your costumes and candies or scheming your tricks and treats. During the month of October, traditionalists carve pumpkins while watching horror movies, shows, and election shenanigans. But for those who prefer to escape the stresses of the real world and immerse themselves in virtual game worlds, these spooky games will get you in a festive mood in no time. They are light on scares, and heavy on Halloween fun and atmosphere.

Costume Quest

Costume Quest 2 Halloween

Lots of games can provide cheap thrills and scares. But no other game manages to capture the feeling of Halloween night like Double Fine’s turn-based RPG, Costume Quest. The game simulates actual trick or treating, where the “trick” waiting behind certain doors results in classic turn-based combat against creepy ghoulies. The main heroes dress in classic Halloween costumes all of us probably wore at least once at some point in our childhood. When combat begins, these costumes transform into larger-than-life fighting machines like a giant robot that shoots missiles, or a vampire that steals life from your enemies. Costume Quest and its follow-up Costume Quest 2 remind players of the joys of Halloween during their younger years.

Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon

luigis mansion Halloween ghosts chasing luigi with Poltergust 5000 vacuum cleaner

Set in Evershade Valley, play as Luigi and capture ghosts using his Poltergust 5000 vacuum device. Pacify the ghosts by searching for the pieces of Dark Moon. This third-person action adventure keeps the spirit of Halloween alive for a light-hearted bit of fun for your inner child.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow


In Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, battle vampires, witches, lycanthropes, and other vicious creatures. In this popular franchise re-boot, play as Gabriel, a member of the Belmont family and member of a holy order that protects the innocent against the supernatural creatures that feed off them. Gabriel hunts these beasts’ lords and followers one by one.

Don’t Starve

The child-like doodle art of the hit indie game Don’t Starve is sometimes creepy. This is especially true when it endears us to harmful monsters that probably appeared in much more realistic nightmares. Gather materials for crafting and survive in a wilderness of danger and strange creatures.

Darksiders II


In this action RPG, play as Death, the eldest and deadliest of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Go on quests to uncover the truth of Death’s brother, War, and restore mankind.



Bayonetta is a witch who uses various firearms, has the ability to shapeshift, and can summon demons with her hair. Battle her angelic foes and maintain the balance of light and darkness in this third-person action game.

The Binding of Isaac – Rebirth


In this indie favorite, after fleeing a religious mother who attempts to sacrifice you, dungeon-crawl your way through Isaac’s basement and fight to survive.

Plants vs Zombies

Plants vs Zombies

In Plants vs Zombies, play as a homeowner trying to stop an army of zombies from entering your house and eating your brains. In this tower defense strategy game, create barriers between you and the zombie hordes by planting a variety of plants in your yard.

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