‘Split’ Spoilers: M. Night Shyamalan Explains THAT Ending


DO NOT watch this video or read the below article if you haven’t seen Split!

No, seriously, we're warning you. If you haven't already seen Split, this is your last chance to turn back. We talked with M. Night about the film and the crazy twist ending. If you're SURE you've seen the movie, then proceed with watching the video and reading on...

M. Night Shyamalan has been talking about the surprise at the end of his new film Split, where David Dunn – Bruce Willis’s character in Unbreakable – is revealed. And it turns out that James McAvoy’s Split character was actually supposed to appear in that film!

Speaking of Split's 'Kevin', Shyamalan explains: “This character was from Unbreakable, but I pulled him out of the script. I had a difficult time trying to get the balance right between the three characters – Elijah, David Dunn and him. In the original Unbreakable, he was the antagonist, and they were going to meet. And I couldn’t get it right. This is so provocative that he was pulling from this movie that I wanted to make – a very quiet, origin story.

“Then I got this idea to do a movie as a psychological thriller, then at the end, you realise you were watching an origin story, and everything goes click.”

In the video above, Shyamalan goes onto reveal that he struggled with the Willis reveal before settling on the diner scene, and also explains where he is at with the Split/Unbreakable sequel. Which we reckon should be called Unsplittable.

Split is currently in cinemas.

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