‘Split’ Sequel ‘Glass’ Definitely Won’t be a Horror Movie


Jason Blum – producer of horror hit Split and its recently announced sequel Glass – says the follow-up will not be a horror film. The forthcoming flick will serve as a sequel to both Split AND Unbreakable, with James McAvoy’s character from the former and Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson’s characters from the latter coming face-to-face.

Blum was initially hesitant to reveal anything about the film when we asked him what audiences should expect from Glass. “A great movie,” came the response. “I say anything more, Night would behead me, so I can’t talk about it. He has a story – the script is not done, but I know what the story is.”

When we pushed him on the matter however – asking if Glass would be more superhero movie of horror – Blum said “I can’t answer that question, but I appreciate you trying,” before belatedly adding, “It’s not a horror movie I will tell you that. It’s nothing to do with horror. Not a horror movie. Nothing to do with horror.” So does that mean Glass will be a superhero movie? Who knows. But we now we know what it definitely WON’T be.

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