‘Splatoon 2’ has a Character Called Aunt Flow and We’re Dying

Samantha Loveridge

The latest Splatoon 2 Nintendo Direct just happened and gave us a good look at the game’s new weapons, maps, gear and even the very first Splatoon 2 Splatfest. But Nintendo also introduced some of the new characters you’ll meet in the plaza. And there’s one particular character that’s given us quite the chuckle – Aunt Flow.

It’s one of those names that probably hasn’t translated quite so well from its original Japanese, but whoever decided to name a character Aunt Flow in Western releases is crazy.

In case anyone doesn’t get what we’re talking about, we’d direct you to Aunt Flow’s Urban Dictionary page, which helpfully describes that she’s the lady responsible for delivering a lady’s monthly ‘gift’… But in Splatoon 2, Aunt Flow is in charge of the headgear shop in the game’s new Inkopolis Galleria.

Aunt Flow Splatoon 2

Okay, okay, enough of the childishness and onto some real news. The very first Splatoon 2 Splatfest is happening on July 15, before the game is even released on July 21 and the theme is ‘Ice Cream vs Cake’.

This special Splatfest will occur on July 15 between 5pm – 9pm BST/11am – 1pm PT as part of the Splatoon 2: Splatfest World Premiere Demo. Just download the free demo from the Nintendo eShop to take part and choose your team – Ice Cream is better than Cake, or, Cake is Better than Ice Cream – before the Splatfest begins.

The Splatoon 2 Direct also revealed that equipping gear now gives you special abilities including ones that reduce ink consumption, speed up your movement, decrease spawn time or allow you to roll when you land.

There are some brand new weapons inbound too, including main weapons like the Clash Blaster, which is basically a Crayola Gun, the hilariously named Goo Tuber, and the Flingza Roller.

New Special Weapons include the Sting Ray, which can shoot paint through walls and the Ink Storm that makes it rain… ink.

Then you’ve got the new Sub Weapons, of which the Toxic Mist is our favourite as it fills the surrounding area with a poisonous mist that reduces your opponents’ ink and slows them down.

You can watch the full Splatoon 2 Nintendo Direct below:

Samantha Loveridge
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