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Jack DeVries
Games Nintendo
Games Nintendo

New Year’s resolutions are mostly total BS, but it’s good to have goals to better yourself. And while everyone else is starting new diets and promising to get rid of their bad habits, we’re setting our sights on something a little more doable, and that’s why in 2018 our resolution is to…


To achieve this lofty goal and fulfill our #GITGUD2018 dreams we’re committed to playing Splatoon 2 every week (maybe more than once) until we get into the tiers of proper ranked players. How far will we get? Will Splatoon 2 even survive long enough for us to do it? We’ll see!

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Hey Sounds Fun, Can I Play?

Hell yes! To join in you simply have to add us as a friend on Nintendo Switch. Peep this friend code:


When we’re live, Splatoon 2 makes it easy to jump into a match and play with us. As we progress we’ll even start adding people into voice chat so we can really turn this into a party. If you want alerts on when we go live you can follow us on Twitch, Youtube, and Facebook, we stream to all three!

Miss an Episode?

Don’t fret, if you wanna catch up on the entire Splatoon 2 journey we’ve archived each episode.

Episode 1 – Level 7-Level 9

Episode 2 – Level 10 – Ranked Matches Unlocked!

Episode 3 – Level 11, Rank C-

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