‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ Set Photos

Drew Dietsch
Marvel Movies
Marvel Movies

Production has begun on Spider-Man: Homecoming and the first set photos have popped up online. Tom Holland is suited up and ready for action in the upcoming Sony/Marvel co-production. Take a gander at the Spidey pics below, courtesy of Looper:

Love how classic the MCU Spidey suit is. Look at that logo! Steve Ditko would be proud.
This scene features a concrete tube on the back of a truck. Is this in the middle of a chase scene? At least Spidey has some time to relax!
Spidey hangs ten! Tom Holland brings a delightful youthfulness to Peter Parker and this photo is further proof of that. The backpack seems to indicate that Peter is on his way to/from school.
Tom Holland takes a break in between takes. Check out his stylish slippers!

After his appearance in Captain America: Civil War, Spider-Man is destined to be one of the breakout characters of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With the promise of a Tony Stark appearance and the first Spider-Man movie that focuses on Peter Parker’s high school days, Spider-Man: Homecoming is shaping up to be a massive hit. We’ll have to wait until July 7 of next year to see if this is true, but these first photos are looking good!

Drew Dietsch
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