‘Jumanji’ and ‘Spider-Man’ Dates Shuffled

Just last week, Sony announced that their new Jumanji film would be directed by Jake Kasdan (son of Lawrence Kasdan, master screenwriter). At that time, it was believed that the film would still release this Christmas. But now, not even a week later, Sony has revealed that the film’s release has been pushed back a whole seven months. It will now see release on July 28, 2017. That moves the film out of Rogue One territory, giving Jumanji a date currently unoccupied by any other summer blockbusters. Star Wars will likely flatten the box office again this coming Christmas, so this seems like a prudent decision on Sony’s part.

Sony’s other move is much less significant: their currently untitled Spider-Man reboot is moving forward three weeks, from July 28 to July 7, 2017. This new Spider-Man will be the first solo outing for the newly-MCU-integrated hero, played by Tom Holland. The film will be directed by Jon Watts, who directed the excellent thriller Cop Car, starring Kevin Bacon. If you haven’t caught that one yet, I’d suggest you check it out. It’ll help fill the gap between now and Captain America: Civil War, when we’ll see this new Spider-Man for the very first time.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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