Sonic Turns 25, Celebrates With Humble Bundle Deals

Henry Gilbert

Sega’s mascot has had his ups and downs, but let’s celebrate the good times for Sonic The Hedgehog‘s 25th Anniversary. Yes, the Genesis original first came out on June 23, 1991, making Sonic 25 years old this week. To mark the occasion, Sega has pulled together an impressive Humble Bundle with some of the Blue Blur’s greatest hits.

Sega’s spent the last few years getting many classic games on Steam so the dozen (and counting) games offered in this bundle are all on PC. So, what does your contribution to Humble Bundle net you?


For $1 or more: You get arguably the two best Sonic games ever made, Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic CD. Those two are easily worth a hundred pennies, but you’ll also get Sonic Adventure DX (for those with fond memories of the Dreamcast launch), and Sonic 3D Blast, which is totally inoffensive as far as isometric platformers go. Additionally, you’ll get a healthy sample of some of the best Sonic comic books Archie has to offer.

For $10 or more: At the head of this pricier pack is Sonic Generations, the 2011 game made for Sonic’s 20th birthday, and still a fantastic way to embrace his storied history. There’s also two Sega All-Stars Racing games, a couple of underrated kart racers from a few years back, alongside Sonic Adventure 2, Genesis classic Sonic the Hedgehog 2, and both episodes of Sonic the Hedgehog 4. And there’s no sign of Sonic Boom in the Humble Bundle deal, which in its own way feels like a gift.

And if all this has you feeling extra in love with Sega’s birthday boy, $35 gets you a special t-shirt from Fangamer on top of some of Sonic’s greatest games. Head over to Humble Bundle to check out all the details.

Henry Gilbert
Henry Gilbert is Senior Games Editor at Fandom. He's worked in the gaming press since 2008, writing for sites as diverse as GamesRadar, IGN, and Paste Magazine. He's also been known to record a podcast or two with Laser Time. Follow him on Twitter @henereyg.
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