‘Snipperclips’ Review – The Switch Game You Need to Play after ‘Zelda’

Samantha Loveridge
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Games Nintendo
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  • An innovative 2D puzzler
  • Absolutely adorable graphics and art style
  • A great addition to Switch launch games lineup
  • Great alone, even better with friends
  • Shows off the Switch's instant multiplayer capabilities really well
  • Isn't quite long enough
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The Nintendo Switch might be selling like hotcakes, but there’s no denying that the launch line-up isn’t exactly stellar. Many gamers have bought the Switch exclusively to play The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, but when you’ve defeated Calamity Ganon and nabbed the Master Sword, what should you be playing next? Well, our answer is Snipperclips.

In our opinion, Snipperclips is one of the Switch’s unsung heroes. It’s an innovative little puzzler where you control a pair of paper shapes. As the name suggests, you’ll have to snip and clip them into different shapes in order to solve a variety of puzzles, from dunking a basketball to reuniting a family of frogs. Snipperclips can be played solo, but is best experienced cooperatively, either in a pair controlling one character each or in a foursome by adding in two more characters and another set of Joy-Con pads.

Snip your way to victory

Most of the joy of Snipperclips comes from its adorable art style. Laid out on graph paper that takes us straight back to school math lessons, this is a 2D papercraft world that just oozes charm. The main little pink and yellow characters are meant to be paper outlines of the Switch’s pair of Joy-Con controllers, but by the end of each level they probably won’t resemble their original forms.

In order to solve the game’s various puzzles, you’ll need to use their bodies. They can stand on tiptoes, crouch down, jump and even rotate around 360-degrees if you use the shoulder buttons. But more importantly, if you layer them over each other, you can cut away at their bodies where they overlap. Snipping away with some precision will help you match patterns, poke hidden buttons, hook unwieldy fireflies and more. Experimentation and some topiary experience can be key to success – and hilarity.

The brilliance though really comes from the puzzles. Although Snipperclips can be played on your own, this is a game that’s much better played with at least one other person. It’ll test your ability to solve problems, but also your ability to work together. A lot of the success we’ve had has come from a mixture of fluke and experimentation, but with some of the puzzles you’ll complete, that feeling of accomplishment is seriously addictive.

Some precision snipping and clipping is required to solve some of Snipperclips' puzzles

Working together and slowly eeking out the various solution segments can take precision and a lot of patience. But finding that synergy and working out just what snips and moves to make is part of Snipperclips‘ appeal.

It’s also an excellent couch co-op game and brilliantly shows off just how great the Switch can be for instant multiplayer action on the fly. Although many might recommend 1-2 Switch as a great co-op game for the Switch, it’s Snipperclips that has the edge. The instant competitiveness and friendly bickering induced by Snipperclips in a duo can’t be matched by the more party-focused 1-2 Switch.

If you do have more than two players wanting to get in on the Snipperclips action, there are additional modes for two-to-four players. The Party Mode is where you work your way through smaller puzzles, while the other mode is more competitive and sees you play quirky 2D versions of basketball or engage in a snipping duel.

We prefer Snipperclips as a two-player game, but there is some four-player silliness to be had

A perfect couch co-op title

For us though, it’s the two-player main mode that is the most appealing. Some of the puzzles are seriously challenging and will have you shouting at each other to make last-minute adjustments as you drop the ball for the 16th time. Puzzles are collected into batches of 15, themed around ideas like notebook doodles or even basic retro gaming. You have to play through 10 puzzles in order to unlock the final one in each pack, which always tends to be incredibly tricky.

Thankfully, each puzzle is different enough that you never feel like they’re repetitive – even if they do use the same mechanics to achieve your tasks. And the little Nintendo-esque touches will keep you chuckling. Whether it’s the little characters reacting to how you snip them or strain under the weight of a bowling ball, the darling music or even the silly animations that occur when you press random buttons after you’ve finished a puzzle, there’s brilliant little moments in Snipperclips. It’s a charming package that rewards discovery with fun.

Puzzles may look cute, but those adorable critters hide the incredibly complex solutions

Is Snipperclips good?

Snipperclips is a great title packed with innovative puzzles best experienced with a friend on the sofa. It might not have AAA graphics, but its adorable characters and emphasis on silliness will plaster a smile on your face throughout. It’s also perfect at demonstrating just how easy Switch multiplayer gaming can be.

If you’re looking for a game to complement ZeldaSnipperclips is a brilliant – and affordable – must-buy.

Snipperclips is available now exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

Samantha Loveridge
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