SNES Classic Brings Star Fox 2’s Forgotten Female Characters Back to Life

Jack DeVries
Games Nintendo
Games Nintendo

Today’s announcement of the SNES Classic has everyone excited, because frankly the SNES might be definitely is the greatest video game console of all time (hell you can @ me about that). But for longtime Nintendo fans, the most exciting news out of the announcement is that Star Fox 2, the unreleased sequel to the best furry animal fighter pilot game of the 16-bit era is finally getting released nearly 20 years after it was finished.

Star Fox 2 has always been a big “what if?” with gamers, and one of the reasons for that is that one of the only official images from the game, the title screen, shows two playable female characters on the main roster. The newest Star Fox recruits — Miyu the tomboyish lynx and Fay the bubbly cocker spaniel — have been forgotten and retconned from the game’s history, until now.

Star Fox 2 title screen with Miyu and Fay on the roster
'Star Fox 2' title screen with Miyu and Fay on the roster

Miyu and Fay are both Interceptor class Arwing pilots, flying faster, lighter ships that are more equipped for quick attacks and maneuverability. Not much is known about either character since the game was never full released, but aspects of their characters may have been adapted for non-playable allies Katt Monroe and Bill Grey in Star Fox 64. If so, Miyu may have been intended as a romance/rival foible for Falco Lombardi, and Fay may have been Fox McCloud’s longtime friend/schoolboy crush.

It’s very possible Nintendo might retcon these characters into Katt and Bill so as to avoid continuity issues, but we’re really hoping they keep the game completely intact, and we get two strong female characters in a series that has been plagued with having some pretty terrible female representation (sorry Krystal, but you’re just… the worst).

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