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‘The Flash’ Adds ‘Sleepy Hollow’ Actress to the Cast

Although The Flash‘s return is over a month away, The CW is already gearing up for the last half of the season. The Flash actor Carlos Valdes recently confirmed that a new character Gypsy would be making her way to the Arrowverse, however, the casting slot was noticeably absent. It’s currently not so. The CW has cast former Sleepy Hollow actress Jessica Camacho to play Justice League and Birds of Prey member Cindy Reynolds. And that’s not all. Behind-the-scenes photos of Gypsy have recently leaked revealing the character’s costume. Read about who this actress is and what she might look like below!

Who Is Jessica Camacho?


Jessica Camacho is no stranger to television. Sleepy Hollow fans may know Jessica for her role as Sophie Foster, an undercover FBI agent working for Daniel Reynolds against Atticus Nevins. She also had a recurring role in the short-lived ABC military drama Last Resort.

What Will Jessica Camacho’s Costume Look Like

behind the scenes The Flash Jessica Camacho

Fans should be familiar with YVR, the site responsible for revealing many of our behind-the-scenes glimpses of the crew filming The Flash. Recently, they captured shots of a new cast member on the Flash set sporting a black leather jacket and faded black jeans. At the time, the actress and character she was playing had yet to be unidentified. We now recognize the mystery woman as Jessica Camacho playing Cindy Reynolds. The photo shows her attached to a harness which could be the rig used to bring her powers to life.

behind the scenes The Flash Jessica Camacho

These new images also show the character’s costume. Yes, it is relatively bland, but don’t worry, Cisco Ramon will likely be on the case. In the comics, Gypsy and Cisco have a lot of chemistry as they were both in the Justice League together. Given that Cisco is responsible for creating many of our favorite characters’ suits, including the Green Arrow suit, we can probably expect an upgrade to her outfit. If it’s anything like some of the other comic book suits we’ve seen, hopefully, designers will opt for costumes closely based on her comic appearances and go for some of her traditional Romani garb.

The Flash season three will return on Jan. 24, 2017. If you have been wondering who Gypsy is, don’t worry, you can learn all about this exciting new character here.

Who is Gypsy and What She Means for the Arrowverse

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