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Six Obscure But Cool ‘Clone Wars’ Characters

Did you know that Jabba the Hutt had a son? Or that Anakin Skywalker had a Padawan learner? How about that Obi-Wan Kenobi fell in love with a Mandalorian duchess? Over its six seasons, the hit TV show Star Wars: The Clone Wars introduced fans to these characters and many more, no matter how famous they were. Check out these obscure but cool characters from a galaxy far, far away.

Rotta the Huttlet

Rotta the Huttlet

If you thought Hutts were just grimy, overgrown worms, this little guy reveals that Hutts can have a cuter side. As the son of Jabba the Hutt, Rotta the Huttlet was the heir to his father’s criminal empire. Having Jabba for a father probably doesn’t help in the smell department, though—it’s no wonder that Ahsoka Tano gave Rotta the nickname “Stinky”!

Riyo Chuchi

Senator Riyo Chuchi

One of the youngest members of the Republic Senate, Senator Riyo Chuchi of Pantora struggled to stop a local war that broke out between her people and the Talz during the Clone Wars. Despite her youth and inexperience, she was able to find her voice and spoke out for what she believed was right. She brought an end to the bloodshed by negotiating a peace treaty with Chieftain Thi-Sen, the leader of the Talz. Riyo Chuchi shows that even in wartime, bravery can overcome any obstacle.



AZ-345211896246498721347 has a name that’s ten times larger than he is, but thankfully he received a nickname: AZI-3. A medical droid on the clone homeworld of Kamino, AZI-3 helped clone trooper Fives uncover a conspiracy at the very heart of the Republic. Throughout his adventures with Fives, AZI-3 displayed a great amount of heart and character, demonstrating that even droids can have personalities.

Jay Igno

Jay Igno

He only appeared on screen for less than two minutes, but in that time, Jay Igno showed that he deserved an entire TV series dedicated to him. A taxi driver on Coruscant, Igno was an on-point nod to the classic TV sitcom Taxi from the early 1980s. He can also claim credit for the best Star Wars insult of all time: “Your mother’s a droid!”



He’s become less obscure since making his debut on Star Wars Rebels, but prior to then, Gregor made a significant mark on Star Wars: The Clone Wars. As one of the series’ first clone commandos, Gregor suffered from amnesia after escaping from the Battle of Sarrish, and wound up on a remote world. However, an encounter with the Republic team known as D-Squad brought him back into military service. In a short time, he came to care for his newfound comrades and helped them complete their mission.



When the Clone Wars came to her homeworld of Ryloth, Numa befriended Waxer and Boil, two clone troopers who were part of Obi-Wan Kenobi’s battalion that came to liberate Ryloth from the Separatists. Though she had lost her parents during the invasion, the little Twi’lek girl brought out the compassion in Waxer and Boil, and they formed a bond as they worked together to save her village. Her goodbye to Waxer and Boil is one of the most heartwarming moments of the series, as she calls them both “Nerra,” the Twi’leki word for “brother.” Numa is set to appear in the next Rebels episode, “Homecoming,” which promises to show what happened to the little Twi’lek girl after she grew up.

Gregor and Numa aren’t the only characters from Star Wars: The Clone Wars to show up on Star Wars Rebels. Head over to Wookieepedia to stay up-to-date with the latest news on Star Wars Rebels season two!

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