Six Best ‘Walking Dead’ Moments of Season 6 (So Far)

Brian Linder
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Season 6 of The Walking Dead is almost over, with just a few episodes left until the finale. But before we bid a momentary farewell to Rick and his band of Survivors, let’s take a look back at some choice highlights from the season so far…

Carol and the Wolves

Fans were hungry (…like a wolf? Ugh, sorry.) to see more of the hostile group of survivors first teased at the end of Season 5, and the Wolves finally appeared in the Season 6 premiere, ramming their 18-wheeler into the walls of Alexandria. But, hey… Wolves! Guess who doesn’t give a crap about your silly little club or the stupid-looking “W” you put on your forehead? Carol, that’s who. In one of the best moments ever on the show, Carol goes full Carol by disguising herself as one of the attackers and taking them out with an absurd quickness. Remember that sequence at the end of Tombstone where Wyatt Earp and his friends kill all of the remaining members of the Cowboys gang? This is that, but with Carol and a bunch of post-apocalyptic a-holes.

Carol’s Cookies

There’s a reason Carol gets two of the six best moments this season: Not only is she a total badass who will do anything to protect her friends, she also makes delicious cookies, as you can see in this scene in which she shares baked goods with her neighbors to the tune of “Weeds or Wildflowers” by Parsonfield. A+ to episode director Greg Nicotero for juxtaposing the sunny tune with Carol’s walker encounter in the forest.

Not Glenn’s Death

It’s hard to classify this as one of the season’s “best” moments, but it’s certainly one of the most intense: The shocking death of fan-favorite Glenn at the hands of a bloodthirsty walker swarm. Glenn and Nicholas are surrounded on top of a dumpster. Rather than be eaten, Nick shoots himself in the head, causing Glenn to fall with him. What happens next is The Walking Dead‘s version of the “Mhysa” scene from Game of Thrones, but instead of slaves cheering for Daenerys Targaryen, it’s walkers ripping Glenn’s guts out. BUT WAIT! You’ve been trolled! Turns out Glenn didn’t die after all. Those guts? They were Nick’s. Glenn actually hid under the dumpster and totally lived. Thanks for the emotional roller coaster, writers.

A Quarry Full of Walkers

We’re not exactly sure why Rick and Morgan had to drive to the middle of nowhere to bury Pete, but we’re glad they did or else we wouldn’t have witnessed some of the wildest walker eye-candy we’ve ever seen. While in the wilderness, they discover a massive rock quarry teeming with hundreds of walkers. We won’t get into Rick’s iffy plan to deal with them (yet), but the sheer magnitude of the quarry horde was something to behold. In a show that loves to show off visually, these were some of the most jaw-dropping shots yet.

Attacking the Saviors’ Compound

In one of the most intense scenes of the season, Rick leads an assault on the Saviors’ compound. The best thing about this moment is how well it showcases the military precision with which the Survivors operate. And the scene where things get real for Glenn and Heath — tremendously heavy. Props to Steve Yeun and Corey Hawkins for bringing their A-game and making it truly feel like their characters are forever changed now that they’ve chosen to kill. Glenn may have survived a walker attack earlier this season, but a little piece of him died here for sure.

All Your Stuff Belongs to Negan

Fans who only watch the TV show might not have initially grasped its significance, but that sound you heard after the midseason finale’s post-credits scene? That was thousands of Walking Dead comic readers losing their minds in excitement. A biker gang rolls up on Daryl, Sasha, and Abraham. The gang’s leader kindly informs them that all of their property — their weapons, their truck, the mints in the glove compartment, the napkins in the console, and any porn under the seat — all belongs to Negan. Negan, you guys! He’s the biggest bad ever in the comics, and you’d better get ready. This fan-favorite villain makes the Governor look like Barney the Dinosaur.

We’ll highlight more season 6 moments after The Walking Dead finale on April 3.

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