Similarities Between the First Season of ‘Outcast’ and ‘Preacher’


Both Outcast and Preacher are supernatural based comic adaptions. The two shows also share a strong amount of religious themes. While Preacher has its share of dark humor, Outcast is just dark. This doesn’t stop the two shows from sharing many similarities.

Return to Town

In both Outcast and Preacher, the protagonist had made their return to their hometown. Jesse Custer from Preacher had returned to Annville for about a year to fulfill his father’s footsteps. Kyle Barnes from Outcast, returned to Rome after an unfortunate event involving his wife and child.

Persistent Women

In both stories, there is a persistent woman in the protagonist’s life. Tulip, Jesse’s ex-girlfriend does what she can to make Jesse kill Carlos, a man who wronged the two years ago. Despite Jesse shutting her down, Tulip didn’t give up. Tulip even believed it was only a matter of time before Jesse becomes the criminal he once was. On Outcast, Kyle’s adoptive sister, Megan, makes it her duty to help Kyle live a better life. After Kyle had to leave his wife and daughter, he returned to his hometown as previously mentioned. From there, he nearly gave up on life. Kyle didn’t pay any of his bills nor did he buy any groceries. Megan eventually convinced him to start living his life properly. Both of the protagonists eventually did what the woman hoped they do. On Preacher, however, Tulip stopped Jesse before he killed Carlos.

Arrogant Preacher

As a preacher, it isn’t out of the ordinary for them to believe they are a soldier of God. While Reverend Anderson from Outcast isn’t the protagonist, both Outcast and Preacher features an arrogant preacher. Over at Outcast, Johnny Anderson is obsessed with demonic possession. Even if he realized he had failed his exorcisms prior, he keeps trying for the praise. On Preacher, Jesse Custer believed it was his obligation to show everyone the light by force. Both of these preachers got corrupt over their arrogance. In both stories, the preachers had their reconciliation with others.

Preacher Guilty of Sins

The preacher featured on both shows are no saints. Prior to being a preacher, Jesse was a criminal. Part of his life of crime, Jesse has killed. In Outcast, Anderson tried to burn Sidney down, though he presumably killed Aaron MacCready instead.

Minor Antagonist Named Donnie

Both stories include a Donnie, one that is made for the audience to dislike. Donnie Schenck from Preacher serves as Odin’s right hand. Donnie Schenck is generally viewed as a tough guy. He always won bar fights, well at least until Jesse stood up to him. Since then, Donnie Schenck had it out for Jesse, even threatening to kill him for embarrassing him. In Outcast, Donnie Hamel was a figure in Kyle and Megan’s past. While in the foster care owned by Megan’s parents, Donnie often abused Megan. Donnie committed a much worse act to Megan as they grew older, one which he could never be forgiven for. At least on Preacher, Donnie was redeemed by season’s end. Unlike Outcast, where their Donnie Hamel seems unredeemable.

Road Trip?

Both the first season of Outcast and Preacher capped off with the protagonist embarking on a road trip. Well, Kyle Barnes was going on a road trip with his daughter. A group of possessed individuals surrounded Kyle and Amber Barnes at a gas stop. Looks like their road trip came to an end before they could begin. On Preacher, Jesse left Annville to embark on a road trip with Cassidy and Tulip in search of God. Their road trip doesn’t look like it will end anytime soon.

The two shows aired in summer, and additionally, adapted from “M” rated comics. Furthermore, the two shows had a share of their own twists, deviating certain aspects from their respective comics. The road is open for both shows to go their own way, while relatively staying true to their comics. Will we see more similarities between Outcast and Preacher in their second season? Time will tell.

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