Will Silver Banshee Return to ‘Supergirl’?

Joseph Wilbur
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Appearing in 5 episodes of Supergirl, Silver Banshee definitely ranks among the most important villains on the show so far. She is still alive, and with all the work that was put into setting her character up, we think she’ll return.

Even diehard DC fans may not have heard of her before her live-action appearance on the show, and thus may not realize the potential story lines she can set up. Read on to delve into the history of her comic book counterpart, and learn how those origins could shed light on her possible return to Supergirl!

Silver Banshee’s Comic Book Origins

The writers of Supergirl threw nearly everything away when it comes to the origins of Siobhan Smythe. While the TV show version’s powers are genetic; comic book Banshee’s powers are the result of a supernatural battle.

The only similarity to the show, her powers have Irish roots — that’s where the similarities end. Siobhan Smythe, as the daughter of a clan patriarch, was thrust into the middle of a conflict for leadership. In the battle, she was dragged down into the netherworld. A creature called the Crone granted her powers, and she was allowed to return to the real world.

Silver Banshee’s Powers and Appearance

The CW’s Silver Banshee retains the gist of her DC Comics abilities and has a look that’s somewhat comic accurate.

Just like the comics, Silver Banshee on the show has a powerful Sonic ScreamThough the limits of her powers seem to differ. On the show, her range seems limitless, and while it hasn’t been demonstrated it’s implied that she can focus her power to attack her opponent even when large distances separate them. However, in the comics, she is bound by the need to know her victim’s secret true name and have sight of the target. However, she can also use her power to teleport, unlike her live action counterpart.

The show writers also stayed remarkably accurate to her comic-book look, which is one part of a character that is often thrown out the window.

Silver Banshee’s Future on Supergirl

Silver Banshee on Supergirl

When we last saw Silver Banshee, she had been arrested by the National City Police, who with Barry’s help, could now contain meta-humans in their prison. However, prisons are rarely successful at containing villains, and it’s almost expected that Silver Banshee will return to cause more trouble.

Now that Superman has made several appearances on the show, it’ll be much easier for him to make more trips to National City. One possible comic book storyline that could be explored is the arc in which Silver Banshee, Bizarro, Mongul, and the Master Jailer team-up against Supes.

In the storyline, Manchester Black sent four villains on a quest to kill Superman. Using his powers, he enhanced each one of the villain’s abilities to give them a special edge against Superman.

While Mongul is yet to appear on the show, Bizarro and the Master Jailer have both had appearances, and could possibly return for a 3-villain team up against both Supergirl and Superman.

Regardless of whether Silver Banshee returns to Supergirl in a comic-inspired storyline, or through an entirely new plot, it is fairly certain that this villain will show up again.

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