Reasons to Bro-out About ‘Broforce’

Let’s hear it for the Bros! And if you read it to the tune of the 1984 pop song hit by Deniece Williams, you’re the target audience for this game. But then again this game is so fun, today’s tweens could care less about the pop culture references of the 80s. Broforce is an extreme 2D side-scrolling shoter/platformer game about a team team built to use their specific weapon or talent to fight terrorist and rescue POWs. It was created by Free Lives, an indie game studio based in South Africa.

Remember playing Contra? Broforce brings the same 16-bit pixel aesthetics, stiff movement and bright colors, but on a whole other level. Broforce would be the perfect game to play in any gaming or comic convention’s gaming lounge. Indie games need a bigger voice and this game would bring the BOOM!

There’s no caged damsel in distress awaiting our hero. After 132+ kills, we unlock Ellen Ripbro (parody of Ellen Ripley from Alien series). Even Cherry Broling (parody of Cherry Darling from Planet Terror) kicks major butt, coming straight out of a 2004 sci-fi movie. In fact, a Bro can be a girl. With the number of female gamers on the rise, Free Lives recognized that by adding your favorite female heroes of 80s films to the Broforce crew, you make a more welcoming experience for everyone. Together the Bros (up to four in multiplayer mode) have one objective and that is to blast, dodge and dart their way through various different locations.  Then, towards the end of the level, you reach a platform and make a high jump to a ladder of a chopper to make your escape. Similar to what con-goers do on exhibit floors when going for a particular exclusive item.

Broforce is a silly, raucous celebration of b-movie violence. If you’re a fan of absurd adventures, give it a try bro.

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