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Lauren Gallaway
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Spoiler alert for Star Trek: Discovery episode “The Wolf Inside:”

The newest episode of Star Trek: Discoverytitled “The Wolf Inside,” might be the series’ most shocking episode yet. Yes, even more shocking than the previous episode, “Despite Yourself,”  which took the Discovery to the Mirror Universe and killed off a vital character.

This episode revealed key members of the Terran Rebellion, which included Spock’s father and Burnham’s adoptive father, Sarek. In the wake of Culber’s death, the crew of the Discovery believed Stamets killed him, which let Tyler off the hook, for the time being. Burnham continued to be tested in her role as Captain, and Tilly and Saru worked to restore Stamets’ brain to full health. Oh, and a certain fallen crew member made her return!

Let’s jump into the shocking revelations from “The Wolf Inside.”

Meet the Fire Wolf

While we’ve all been waiting for Voq to return (theoretically from inside Tyler) we did not expect him to be the leader of the Terran Resistance. Voq, who in the Prime Universe agreed with Kahless‘ definition of Klingon purity, is here, uniting the many races of the Universe. This version of Voq could not be more different than the one who once pledged to follow the light of Kahless.

This didn’t put to bed our Tyler/Voq theories however — as Voq began to explain his belief in unity, Tyler went ballistic and try to kill him. Tyler also began speaking ancient Klingon. When Burnham asked Tyler about this back on the ship, Tyler remembered his name and his face and confessed to everything. “I am Voq. The Torchbearer.”

****WHAAAAAAT**** The theories were right! Props to whoever came up with it first! While Burnham didn’t believe Tyler right away, she did once he told her what happened to T’Kuvma — something only a Klingon would know. Tyler was then sent into space to die, but the Discovery rescued him. Which means, even though the wolf has been revealed, he is still alive — worse yet, he was sent to the brig with L’Rell, his Klingon conspirator. What trouble will they bring in the coming episodes?

RIP Stamets

As if killing one Discovery crew member wasn’t bad enough, this episode also killed Paul Stamets. Well, they killed him temporarily. Tilly and Saru were able to bring him back by injecting him with Spores from the drive. Paul remained mostly unconscious but was able to find the Mirror Universe version of himself “in the forrest,” which was also the title of a previous episode this season. 

The episode concluded with another shocking reveal: Captain Georgiou‘s return as the Emperor of the Terran Empire! WOW. That was a reveal we did not see coming! Next week Burnham will have to face the Emperor alone and the Discovery will continue to run tests on Tyler to determine just what happened to him. It’s interesting that Georgiou is the Emperor, especially because the last Mirror Universe Emperor we saw was Hoshi Sato, from Star Trek: Enterprise. Could Georgiou be her distant great, great, great granddaughter?

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