5 Shocking Moments from the ‘Riverdale’ Season 2 Premiere

Joey Merkel

As the credits rolled on the long-awaited Season 2 premiere of Riverdale, we instantly realized we were going to need a minute.

OK. First things first, let’s all take a deep breath.

A Kiss Before Dying’ definitely sets up for a wild Season 2. Let’s dive right in to the most shocking moments from the premiere.

Fred Clings to Life

Who is our mystery man?

We knew he’d pull through. It’s way too soon and there’s far too much controversy surrounding the Fred Andrews shooting for him to go out like this. The incident, however, did set up a perfect cliffhanger from Season 1 and allows us to immediately to be immersed in a dramatic storyline. And where the hell is Fred’s wallet?

A Sexier, Steamier Riverdale

A kiss before grieving.

It’s not like Season 1 didn’t have its romantic moments but DAMN Season 2 wasted no time. As Archie literally washes his father’s blood off in the shower, Veronica decides it’s a good time to try and cheer him up. This is all prefaced with Veronica acknowledging she has no idea how to care for Archie in a time of need. And it’s a TV show, so it works. But come on girl, his father was just shot and may die. Is this really the best way to help someone grieving?

Cheryl Is Out of Her Mind

On Wednesdays we wear white.

Caution: If Cheryl is wearing white, she’s about to do something completely nuts. After burning down her family’s estate, we see Cheryl next with her mother at the hospital. Obviously she can’t tell people that she was the arsonist, but the lies begin as she tells people her mother saved her from the fire. Not the craziest lie but it doesn’t really match up with Penelope’s M.O. With her mother lying in bed unable to communicate, Cheryl cuts off her air supply, spewing out threats (more like promises) on her mother’s life if she didn’t go along with the plan. Cheryl was already someone you don’t cross but she’s taking it to the next level.

Hiram Lodge Revealed

Mark Consuelos joins the cast in Season 2.

For the first time, other than a teaser, Hiram Lodge was revealed. Veronica wasn’t there to greet him AND she drank his Cristal. The nerve. Immediately we get an uber-creepy vibe from the father-daughter relationship they have. We’re expecting this to continue throughout the season and it’s quickly becoming apparent that upsetting Hiram could have dire consequences. Just ask Fred Andrews … maybe.

Grundy Returns … Briefly

Miss Grundy was Archie's seductive music teacher in Season 1.

We definitely didn’t see this coming but we seriously do not care. As Jughead narrates, we see Geraldine Grundy’s now-iconic VW bug outside of an unfamiliar house. Inside a young man takes piano lessons and we see Ms. Grundy kiss him on his way out, because of course she does. She just can’t leave well enough alone. We quickly see Fred’s shooter — the man in the ‘black hood’ — strangle Grundy to death from behind before the show fades out.

What could this mean? Who would have such a specific vendetta that they would target Grundy and Fred Andrews? We’ll have to keep watching Riverdale to find out.

Joey Merkel
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