‘Shadowhunters’ Season 2 Sneak Peeks

Kitty Bates

It’s finally here! We’ve waited a year, but the Shadowhunters season two trailer is here. Does it live up to every single expectation all of us ever had? Yes, 1,000 times yes! The action, the hotties, and the drama are back for another 20 episodes premiering on Jan 2, 2017. The Shadowhunters season two trailer gives us hope that next season will be better than ever.

Oh, the Couple Drama!

Clace and Malec, but no Sizzy? Clace (Clary and Jace) seem to have some drama as Jace harshly says to Clary “I’ve had enough of your mind games.” Jace, played by Dominic Sherwood, is a complex and narcissistic character who knows what is going on. Malec seems to be having some problems too as Magnus says to Alec, “Don’t turn me away when things get hard.” Is their newfound relationship already struggling? As for Sizzy, there were no hints in the trailer of them still being a relationship at all, so hopefully the new season will clear that up.

What Is Happening to Jace?

In this sneak peek, everyone is commanded to stay in the institute and not look for Jace. Izzy voices all of our fears when she says “Well, who’s out there looking for him then?” No one seems to be out there looking for him. Meanwhile, Jace is losing fights left, right and center, including being thrown out of a window by Maia, the newest cast member. Jace is the ultimate Shadowhunter, he’s the best one in the Institute, and yet he is being beaten up. Jace is also under the capture of Valentine, and this makes everything so much more confusing. Jace, I hope you’re okay!

Who is Victor Aldertree?

Victor Aldertree is the new head of the New York Institute who seems a lot stricter. In this sneak peek, Izzy trains Clary, but it’s just a cover for the conversation they need to have because, under the new instruction, she is not allowed to go after Jace. Izzy and Clary train as guards watch. While they fight hard, they talk in code, so only the two of them understand. It also seems very curious how suddenly a new regime comes in when Valentine takes Jace. Another spy maybe?

The Shadowhunters cast and crew revealed more hints at New York Comic Con earlier this month, so we know we’re in for a thrilling season two.

I am so excited for Jan 2 — the next season looks better than ever. I can’t wait!

Shadowhunters premiers on Freeform on Jan 2 7/8c and on Netflix for international viewers on Jan 3. 

Kitty Bates
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