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Twitch users are streaming tons of games at any given moment and it’s no easy task to seek out some of the best highlights across the platform. Today however, is your lucky day! We put together the best Twitch clips from the month of September for you to admire, laugh, cringe, or perhaps cry about.

To get things underway, we witness two Super Smash Bros. Melee shoutcasters get trolled through the donation feature.

Super Smash Bros. Melee

This clip is wonderful to watch. “EE” casually reads off the donator’s vulgar name only to be reprimanded by his co-caster immediately after doing so. “DC” then boasts how he would never make that mistake and pokes fun at EE for how gullible he is.

After DC is finished shaming EE, he immediately makes the exact same blunder that his co-caster committed. Reading off another immature, vulgar donation name and the two casters and pretty much the entire production team lose their minds. It’s just a genuine, hilarious, awkward moment for everyone watching.


Thank you RNGesus! Popular Hearthstone streamer, nl_Kripp, was in quite a bind and needed a miracle to stave off imminent death from his opponent.

As luck would have it, he was given an “Emperor Cobra” card to enhance his “Zombeast” card. The interaction meant that he would be able to wipe the opponent’s entire field in one fell swoop.

How did it work exactly? The Cobra enhancement to the Zombeast card meant that it gained the “poisonous” attribute. Any damage done to an enemy minion would kill it. Coupled with Zombeast’s ability to deal 1 damage to all other minions, it was a match made in heaven. GGWP Kripp!


September was quite an eventful month for the PUBG community. One of the most prominent exploits that some people were abusing was going AFK in matches for “Battle Points” (basically XP).

Dignitas player “Suntouch” and some friends were in the latter stages of a PUBG match where they were among 58 people still alive in the map.

After a few moments, the player count in the server falls off a cliff as the kill ticker in the lower left-hand section of the screen starts listing off dozens of players dying in the toxic blue zone.

Suntouch’s team are left in shock to find out that only 9 people remain alive. Since publishing this article, the AFK issue has been mostly fixed and those looking for an easy chicken dinner won’t be so lucky.


There was a time that the “tank meta” reigned supreme over the competitive Overwatch scene. Teams would use high HP heroes to get in the face of their opponents and flankers could utilize the distraction by getting kills or securing objectives.

While the meta has shifted in the current Overwatch, Tanks are still a viable aspect of a lineup. Team MT1 took the tank meta to the absolute extreme on the first attack stage of King’s Row.

With 5 tanks chosen, plus a Lucio for HP and movement buffs, the team was near impossible to kill. It certainly took the opposing FTD team by surprise and easily secured the first capture point. New META!

Destiny 2

Since the release of Destiny 2 in early September, this was the most watched clip for the game in it’s early inception.

A fireteam was barely able to take down this boss on the last phase. It’s safe to say that if it lived for a second or two longer the whole team would have been wiped out and all would be lost.

The outburst of emotion from the team speaks volumes about this clip and the loot they all got wasn’t too shabby either!

Hope you enjoyed this month’s Twitch clip round-up!

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