8 Stories We Need Closure for in Sense8’s Two-Hour Finale

Isaac Fischer
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We’re not sure that there is, has been, or ever will be again a more perfect expression of Pride than Sense8. Pride is about accepting the differences that separate and bind us all in our complexity, about triumphing over adversity, about self-expression and about making sure no-one ever feels alone.

Netflix’s original TV series, Sense8, is the epic story of eight individuals who learn they share a common mind. The story has captivated a vibrant and devoted audience, most of whom were devastated at the start of June when Netflix announced the series’ cancellation. Netflix’s reason was that the show was too expensive per episode to justify production with the small fan base.

But it also meant the variety of cliffhangers in the final episode of the second season would be left unresolved… forever.

As the month comes to a close, we fans were given an unexpected gift: a final bow is coming. Much like canceled-too-early fan-favorite series “Firefly“, a Sense8 finale is being filmed to conclude the adventures of the cluster with a two-hour film.

Here are the eight stories that Sense8 finale needs to give closure to:

1. Wolfgang’s rescue

The most obvious dangling thread was that Wolfgang, now criminal godfather of a sector of Berlin, was set up by his new sensate frienemy Lila. Now a captive of BPO, the sensates in his cluster rally in person (meeting in the flesh for the first time) to retrieve him before he is tortured to death (or revealing the identities of the rest of his cluster).

Sense8 finale
Kala and Wolfgang

2. Kala’s secret

Kala, love of Wolgang’s life, is married to another man. That man insists that Kala is sent away to Paris for her safety from his mysterious political enemies. What has Rajan so scared, and whom will Kala choose in the end?

Sense8 finale
Lito, Capheus, and Sun

3. Sun’s revenge

Sun’s brother left her in prison to take the fall for his embezzlement, then killed their father to cover it up. When she escaped, she had a plan for retribution that she thought would be sated when her would-be lover Detective Mun was shot bringing him to justice. After chasing him down, Joong-Ki escaped Sun again.

Will Sun be redeemed in the end?

4. Lito’s revival

Film actor Lito‘s career was on the rocks after coming out publicly as a gay man. All but exiled from his home and work in Mexico, he was set to break out in American cinema.

Will he be able to make his comeback? Will his self-destructive habits separate him from his beloved Hernando?

5. Capheus’ election

Bus driver and local hero Capheus chose to follow in his father’s footsteps and go into politics, despite strong opposition to his anti-corruption platform.

But, he and the rest of the cluster drop everything to rescue Wolfgang. What will this mean for his campaign?

Sense8 finale
Amanita and Nomi

6. Nomi’s reinvention

Nomi and Amanita proposed to each other in the very same minute in the closing moments of Sense8 Season 2. They’ve been on the run since BPO made hacktivist Nomi a fugitive, but were aided by Anonymous in cleaning her slate.

Will they be able to get their happy ending and save their friends in the Sense8 finale?

7. Will and Riley forever

There’s no denying that (even with the other romantic pairings) Will and Riley‘s love story is a strong force in the sensate’s story. The Chicago cop and Icelandic DJ went through Hell rescuing each other. They also have the strongest connections to BPO and are on the front lines to fight it.

Can Will trust his Sensate friend, accused terrorist and double-agent Jonas?

Will and Riley
Will and Riley

8. The fall of BPO

The villainous Biological Preservation Organization (BPO) has been stifling homo sensorium (aka Sensates) as a threat to homo sapiens for a decade, co-opting or killing in their wake. Started in the hope of inter-species cooperation, the corrupted group must now fall for the Sensates worldwide to stand a chance at survival. Our beloved cluster has gone to war with them (and other sensate clusters that collaborate with them).

Will Whispers and his employers get their comeuppance?

The cluster in São Paulo
The cluster in São Paulo

There’s no easy way to end a story as sprawling and strong as this one, but any ending will be more satisfying for fans that were not expecting an ending at all and is cause for celebration. Tune in next year for the Sense8 finale.

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