See the First ‘Rogue One’ TV Spot

Drew Dietsch
Movies Star Wars
Movies Star Wars

In case you forgot, there’s a new Star Wars film coming out in just four months. Rogue One will kick off the “Star Wars Anthology” line of standalone films. There’s a lot riding on Gareth Edwards‘ tale about how the Rebellion acquired the Death Star plans. Expect the marketing machine to go into full swing in the next few months. In that spirit, we now have the very first TV spot for Rogue One for you to check out. Give it a watch!

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like there’s any new footage to pick apart in this commercial. Still, it’s a nice reminder that we’ve got a new Star Wars movie to look forward to. It will be intriguing to see how Rogue One is sold to a wider, more casual audience. There have been people who were confused at first and thought this was a sequel to The Force Awakens. Lucasfilm/Disney definitely has a challenge when it comes to roping in people who aren’t die-hard fans.

On a more gossipy note, apparently David Prowse – the original physical actor for Darth Vader – is not very happy about being excluded from the Rogue One cast. Prowse has always been very protective of the role, and it’s understandable why fans would want to see him return. However, his age and physical capabilities simply wouldn’t work in a modern Star Wars film. Seeing as how we want to see a more powerful and formidable Darth Vader in these newer films, it makes sense to use more agile actors in the role.

It would be nice to see Prowse pop up in a cameo outside of the Darth Vader suit, but whether or not he’s game for such a role is in question. How fun would it be to have Prowse be the head engineer of Vader’s suit? Possibly have him show up doing maintenance of some sort? Feel free to steal that one, Disney.

Rogue One releases on December 16. It will probably be a wonderful holiday present for us all.

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