Where Is ‘Preacher’ Season Two Heading?

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TV Comics

According to a recent production listing, the second season of Preacher is set to be filmed in New Orleans. Considering New Orleans has quite a distinctive look and feel, the season will likely focus on certain plots from the graphic novel. So, where is season two of Preacher headed and how closely will it follow the comic?



Preacher comic angelville

At the end of season one, Jesse, Cassidy, and Tulip leave Annville to literally find God. However, it looks like season two will most likely add focus on Jesse’s past. In the graphic novel, after Jesse’s father died, the eponymous preacher lived in a town on the border of Louisiana and Texas called Angelville. Jesse and Tulip also run into those figures from Jesse’s past in the present day. And by “run into”, we mean they kidnap Jesse and Tulip.

Over the course of the second season, we’ll likely meet Jesse’s mother, grandmother, Jody, and TC. In the comics, Jody and TC are the ones who brought Jesse to Angelville after murdering John Custer. In Preacher‘s first season, when Cassidy inquired about one of Jesse’s tattoos, Jesse alluded to his grandmother, Marie L’Angell, by calling her a “mean old lady” who branded him.

Due to the vile nature of these characters, it will be interesting to see who picks up the roles of Jody, TC, and Jesse’s grandmother. With her spectacular performance on Outcast, Grace Zabriskie would be a great pick for the role of Marie L’Angell.

A New Vampire

preacher graphic novel Eccarius

If season two follows the graphic novel, that means that there will be a new vampire on the scene. In New Orleans, there is Eccarius and his worshippers known as the Les Enfants du Sang. These worshippers go as far as cutting themselves and drinking each other’s blood. Of course, Cassidy being Cassidy, he introduces Eccarius to beer, noting his preference to it over blood. If the show adapts the Les Enfants group, it’s hard to tell if the network will tone them down or present the full package. AMC isn’t afraid of surprising their audience, after all. While it took place in a one-shot, writers could easily spread this plot over several episodes.

Preacher stars Dominic Cooper, Ruth Negga, and Joseph Gilgun. A majority of its main cast was killed off in the conclusion of the first season, so the season two cast is set to be redefined. With the infamous Saint of Killers released from his Hell, expect more on this hunt for Jesse Custer. Preacher season two airs on AMC in 2017.

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