Second ‘Ghostbusters’ Trailer Released

The Ghostbusters remake has released its second trailer, with mostly completely new footage.

This trailer reveals more about  the plot of the original film. A mechanical device is increasing paranormal activity, with an “apocalypse” coming, and the three scientists and subway girl are the only ones people trust to take care of this growing problem. They aren’t believed at first, and the government is trying to claim that it’s not supernatural. We’ve seen more from the CGI ghosts of the new film, as well as what appears to be a wormhole above New York.

Much like the original trailer, this trailer also has had a negative reaction. Partly because of the general fatigue generated by remakes of beloved classics, which the original sci-fi comedy film was in the eyes of many, and also because the humour does not appear to capture the charm of the original film. And other than the swapped genders of the Ghostbusters, this film does not appear to do anything radically different to the original.

As a fan of the original film, this remake does not appeal to me. While I’m not opposed to the idea of a female Ghostbuster, or even a female Ghostbusters team, it appears to be lacking the style of humor or much of the fun of the original, with many of the jokes feeling forced. Despite a good cast, nothing here strikes me as interesting. I’d love for this film to turn out to be great, and the fact that this trailer showed almost no footage from the first does at least show that there’s more to this movie, but I won’t hold my breath. This will likely be another remake that will flop and be forgotten about.

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