‘Wonder Woman’ Teaser Poster Is Magnificent

Gal Gadot may not have dropped the mic, but she certainly lassoed it and is poised to drop it. Wonder Woman herself just unleashed the first teaser poster for Patty Jenkins’ upcoming continuation of the DC cinematic universe and it is stunning. Have a look:

wonder woman poster
Power. Grace. Wisdom. Wonder.

Gadot was widely considered one of the shining aspects of Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. As a result, the goodwill for this film is considerable. Notice the emphasis on color and a warmer palette. That has to be an intentional move. It goes without saying that DC has an uphill battle in grabbing a larger piece of the cinematic superhero pie. Damage control is a strong term to use but the end result is the evolution of the brand.

Whether or not Warner Bros. is correcting course a bit or the nature of the character is the guiding force is irrelevant. The fans win. Wonder Woman is a period piece so an entirely new color temperature is possible and it’s nice to see the film carving its own identity right out of the gate. With a costume this terrific it’s important to actually see it. That classic Wonder Woman look is just as iconic as that of her buff contemporaries. Under Jenkins, this film has the potential to be richer and less formulaic than some other recent hero films. She has a unique point of view that should marry well with the superhero aesthetic.

No word on when the trailer will drop for the 2017 release, but the film is off to a good start.

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