What Fans Would Ask the Cast of the Power Rangers Movie

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Movies Comic-Con

For many fans of Saban’s Power Rangers franchise, it’s morphin’ time once again for re-imagining the beloved origin story of five teenage superheroes with attitude. A new movie will premier in March 2017. With San Diego Comic-Con happening right now, the appearance of the five rangers and director Dean Israelite has been confirmed. Fans will no doubt have a multitude of questions to ask about the Power Rangers movie, and perhaps about the rangers themselves. Here are some of the burning questions fans would consider to be key to getting a better idea of whether the movie will be morphinomenal or as big as a dud as some of the newer spin-off shows.

power rangers movie

It was reported that a number of screenwriters were tasked with writing the script and were then left with one: John Gatins. What was the reasoning behind this process and we’re there any challenges into getting the script right?

Six writers were assigned to the movie, ranging from Max Landis all the way down to Zack Stentz and Ashley Edward Miller. For some people, this looks like a case of “too many cooks in the kitchen” and perhaps it shows that there was a difficulty in getting the script right. Fans would like to know if they got a decent enough script on their hands.

Will the classic “Go Go Power Rangers” theme song make its way into the movie other than as someone’s ringtone?

Many 90’s babies who rushed home from school went into their happy places as soon as they heard Rita Repulsa quote: “After 10,000 years I’m free, it’s time to conquer Earth!” Then afterward, the classic theme song by Ron Wasserman plays. Not to mention, it was always a highlight to hear the theme song play as the Megazord took down the Monster of the week. It would be sad, if it was only a minor Easter Egg.

What can we see with regards to the Zords?

The Zords are one of the key parts of the franchise along with the suits and the martial arts as well as a major part of the toyline. Other than Guillermo Del Toro’s Pacific Rim, giant robots can be hard to do on live action film.

bryan cranston power rangers
Bryan Cranston has been cast as Zordon in the Power Rangers movie.

What was it like working with as well as interacting with the more seasoned actors (Elizabeth Banks and Bryan Cranston)? Were the fight scenes with Banks fun to do?

As well as chemistry between the Ranger actors, chemistry between the Rangers, villains, and supporting cast is essential to making the movie work, whether through dialogue or through fight scenes.

alpha 5 power rangers movie
Alpha 5

And speaking of seasoned actors, will there be any more cast for any leftover roles such as Goldar and Alpha 5? Are they even in the movie?

Both Goldar and Alpha 5 are key players to the Power Rangers universe. Alpha 5 is a beloved little robot helper with endearing quirks that has time and time again saved the day for the Rangers. Goldar was the first monster and recurring villain to the Power Rangers. He often proved himself to be a tough opponent for Jason the Red Ranger who frequently fought him. It would be a real shame if both were left out.

What was the process like becoming these superheroes for the Power Rangers Movie? Especially considering that for pretty much all of you, you’ve never done a role like this before?

For all of these young actors, they have never done that many huge action roles in their lives. Plus hearing about the kinds of martial arts and training they did does give us some insight into the kind of fight scenes audiences might see in the movie.

power rangers tv show
The Power Rangers most of us grew up with.

How are your characters different to that of the TV show? Did the cast have to gain inspiration from other sources to embody your roles?

Other than the basic tenets of the characters we know about, would they take what they have done in the show and extend it further or go in entirely new directions? Would a Jason Scott played by Dacre Montgomery be a different kind of leader than Austin St. John’s take on the character?

Was there and is there still extra pressure on Dacre Montgomery as he is the leader of the team and quite essentially the more prominent face of the franchise?

Out of all of the actors cast as the new Power Rangers, Dacre Montgomery has the least amount of prominent credits to his name. On imdb.com, his list is pretty empty compared to his fellow cast members. As the Red Ranger tends to be front and center historically, some fans would wonder of he would buckle under the weight of his leading role.

Naomi Scott power rangers
Naomi Scott cast in the Power Rangers movie set to premier in 2017.

For the next couple of years at least, it seems like they will be a plethora of strong female characters hitting the big screen from Wonder Woman to Rey and many more. How does it feel for both Naomi Scott and Becky G to join these ranks as role models and will we see them kick lots of butt in the movie?

The latter half of the 2010’s has seen a huge rise in strong female hero characters in geek pop culture from Star Wars to Marvel to DC. This would leave fans wondering if Naomi Scott and Becky G can not only live up to the impact left by Amy Jo Johnson and the late Thuy Trang, but also be up there with Wonder Woman and Rey who both will have movies out that year too.

Assuming that sequels do get green-lit, what will we see and what can we hope with regards to the infamous Green Ranger, Tommy Oliver?

Every Power Rangers fan from the 90’s would have at least a passing familiarity of Tommy Oliver’s journey from the ultimate antagonist as the Green Ranger to one of the show’s iconic heroes as the White Ranger and more. Fans would no doubt ask time and time again about Tommy especially given his impact on Rangers such as Jason and Kimberly.

Saban’s Power Rangers will be released March 24 2017.

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