Are These the Best Pro PS4 Controllers You Can Buy? Probably

Samantha Loveridge
Games PlayStation
Games PlayStation

Ever since the Xbox One Elite Controller was announced at E3 2014, the obsession with professional or eSports-focused controllers has increased – especially as there still isn’t an official PS4 Pro controller.

Sony announced two officially licensed PS4 professional controllers with the Razer Raiju and Nacon Revolution Pro pads, but it’s third-party manufacturers like SCUF who are really pulling out all the stops when it comes to customisation options.

This year, SCUF has released two new pads known as the Infinity 4PS Pro and the Impact. While the Infinity 4PS is basically your standard DualShock 4 with some customisable extras, the SCUF Impact is actually a kind of hybrid design that falls somewhere near the original PS4 pad and the Xbox One’s controller.

What’s so special about them?

We’ve tried many a gamepad over the years, including SCUF Gaming’s previous iterations, the Xbox One Elite Controller and more, but there’s just something about the showmanship of one of these pads that makes people want one.

Not only can they be purchased in a variety of colours and designs – even apeing your favourite eSports team – they actually offer more features than a standard pad. Like the Xbox One Elite Controller, you’ll find both the Impact and Infinity 4PS Pro come with rear paddles that can be customised to duplicate any of the face buttons for quick and easy access. The Impact has four of these paddles, but the 4PS Infinity Pro only has two.

SCUF Infinity 4PS Pro and SCUF Impact
Get to paddling with these bad boys, the Infinity 4PS Pro (left) and Impact

To change which paddle does what you just use the Electro Magnetic Remapping Mag Key, placing it on the back of the controller and then simultaneously holding down the paddle and the face button you want to map it to. It might sound fiddly, but it’s quick and easy to do mid-game or between matches.

Then there are the analogue stick options. When you buy an SCUF pad you can choose various different options from the standard PS4 ones – short or long, domed or concave. You can mix and match according to your preference and they can also be purchased separately in case you want to have a few in your arsenal. Thanks to the lock ring system it’s easy enough to switch them out when required, but you’ll always know they’ll stay in place no matter how involved you get in a game.

SCUF Infinity 4PS Pro and SCUF Impact
The SCUF controllers come with this option of this textured grip for ultimate staying power

And SCUF has plenty of other options to consider too. Fancy a touch of so-called “military grade” grip that’s really meant to help make your pad stick in your palms no matter how sweaty they get? Or what about a circular addition to your D-Pad to make rolling out Street Fighter combos much more elegant? Or there are trigger extensions to make them more within reach, as well as the Trigger system that features three quick shift trigger stops that can be adjusted to limit the travel of your trigger for quicker responses.

These are all features that SCUF pads have always had though and although they’re great things to have, this time around it’s all about the Impact’s design. It’s quite the head-turner, especially in the metallic blue finish we’ve been sent. It features a wider, more ergonomic grip than the Infinity 4PS Pro and the standard pad and it’s seriously comfortable to use. Initially, we were worried that it was too wide and not deep enough in your palm, but it’s rather brilliant.

SCUF Impact
The SCUF Impact is one of the most comfortable controllers we've used

How much do they cost?

The only problem with these pads is that the entry point comes at a price. The basic for the Impact without paddle remapping, extra features, colour choices and more options is £109/$119, while the basic Infinity 4PS Pro is a little cheaper at £99.99/$109.99.

Of course, they’re both considerably more than the standard DualShock 4, which is priced around £39.99/$59.99 – although it’s worth mentioning that both the Infinity 4PS Pro and Impact are also compatible with PC.

However, these are controllers aimed at those looking to really up their game, where shaving milliseconds off their reaction times is something they actively care about. These aren’t your average controllers.

It is worth mentioning that these are similarly priced to the officially licensed PS4 professional pads, at least in the US. The Nacon Revolution Pro is actually $149.99/£78.99, while the Razer Reiju is around £125 and seemingly tricky to buy in the US.

SCUF Infinity 4PS Pro and Sony DualShock 4
The SCUF Infinity 4PS Pro is like the regular DualShock 4, but with wings

Are they actually better than the standard pad?

Although those prices might make your eyes water and your wallet wince, if you are looking for the ultimate professional gaming experience then this pair of SCUF controllers for PS4 are hard to beat.

The SCUF Infinity 4PS Pro is definitely the entry-level model, scaling directly up from the standard DualShock 4, while the Impact is for those looking for a very different, tailored experience.

Samantha Loveridge
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