‘Samurai Jack’ Season 5 Looks Better Than Ever

Drew Dietsch

Samurai Jack is a landmark in animation history. It was such an amazing action cartoon that fans have kept it alive long after the series’s cancellation. Creator Genndy Tartakovsky always maintained that he wanted to return to Jack‘s story and complete the tale. A movie was discussed, but never came to fruition. Now, over a decade later, Jack is finally back.

Check out the new trailer for season five of the cult classic series:

JESUS. That looks absolutely stunning. Samurai Jack was always notable for its striking visual style, but now the show is able to take advantage of both new animation techniques and a more adult theme. Yes, season five of Samurai Jack will be aimed towards a slightly older audience. In case the blood and darker tone didn’t let you know.

But the story looks to be a grim one. Jack has been stuck in time, unable to age, and forced to watch Aku’s legions dominate all of existence. Seeing Jack be berated by the ghost of his former self and even his own father is frightening. It’s clear that Tartakovsky is using this opportunity to go places the original show never could.

This is too exciting. Samurai Jack is a wonderful amalgamation of a number of genres, and with a license to go for broke with the violence and tone, this new season looks to be a fitting end for one of animation’s greatest heroes. The show will be a limited series release with 10 episodes that tell one connected story. It will be the definitive conclusion to a show fans have been consuming for over 15 years.

To help get your mind off the wait, listen to the amazing intro featuring voice actor Mako (RIP) as the villainous Aku. Don’t deny the catchiness! Sing along if you can!

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