Sam Raimi Joint ‘Don’t Breathe’ Looks Like the Next Sleeper Horror Hit


When you’re young and wanting to get out from under mother’s thumb, sometimes you don’t make the best choices. Don’t Breathe‘s Rocky wants to get away from her mother and take her little sister with her. Rumor has it that an older blind man has roughly $300k inside his home. Easy score, right? That’s what Rocky, her boyfriend Money, and their friend Alex think when they decide to rob a blind man. They’re wrong. Dead wrong. This man harbors a dark secret. He is a serial killer.

Don’t Breathe is produced by horror legend Sam Raimi and is directed by Fede Alvarez, who made the surprisingly effective Evil Dead remake. Check out the trailer:

Don’t Breathe is another of those movies that represent the high concept and low-cost approach to horror that keeps the machine moving forward. It helps to have top-of-the-line talent behind the scenes. Sam Raimi has been hardwired to the genre for three decades and Alvarez is uncompromising in his approach. Add Stephen Lang to the mix and it’s pretty much a film that demands to be seen.

Prepare to be unprepared for what awaits you when Sam Rami’s Don’t Breathe hits theaters Aug. 26.

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