Don’t Underestimate Russian Movies, These 2017 Releases Look Insane


Russian movies are certainly getting better attention than they used to. For years, the West disregarded the country’s films, considering them hangovers from Soviet-era propaganda films and not as “cool” as movies from nations with a longer history in the industry. Now, movie fans in the West are finally coming around to appreciating mainstream Russian cinema.

One of the first glimpses the West had of how revolutionary and creative the Russian film industry could be was with the 2015 first-person-shooter-inspired action sci-fi film Hardcore Henry. While the film got mixed reviews, it proved that Russia was trying new things in cinema, and those old stereotypes are a thing of the past.

Now that the West is starting to come around to the wonders of modern Russian blockbusters, here are a few films coming out in 2017 that show how the country’s movie industry has expanded.

Russian Superheroes


Guardians (of the Soviet Union), or Zaschitniki, is about a drafted Russian version of the Fantastic Four. However, the trailer that came out makes those horrible movies look like nothing you’ve ever seen before. For a change, the city getting demolished isn’t New York, and in case that trailer isn’t enough for you, Guardians is already getting a sequel.

Major Grom

Ok, this trailer doesn’t have English dubs or subtitles, but it’s mostly action, so if you don’t know Russian, there’s still plenty to enjoy.

Fandom recently looked at the burgeoning Russian comic industry, and now we have a movie following Marvel’s example with Bubble Comics’ Major Grom. With any hope, there will even be phases.

Alien Invasion


For the alien invasion genre, there is Attraction coming out in 2017. Compared to the over-hyped and disappointing Independence Day: Resurgence, this movie does alien invaders right. Giant gyroscopes with bigger eyes tearing through Moscow, bio-luminescent bugs, couples getting freaky as the world ends — these are all things to love.

Horror Show

The Bride

Finally, we have The Bride (no, the killer is not Uma Thurman). Again, the trailer isn’t in English, but it just goes to show how horror transcends language barriers as this Russian movie looks extremely scary. In fact, words can’t describe how scary this movie is. Seeing truly is believing.

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