‘Rogue One’ Trailer Shots That Didn’t Make the Movie

Movies Star Wars
Movies Star Wars

It’s no secret that the Rogue One: A Star Wars Story production had extensive reshoots, most notably around the film’s finale. And with those reshoots occurring after publicity stills and trailers were released, there seems to be something of a disconnect between what Star Wars fans were shown earlier in the year, and what they are finally seeing onscreen. We may never know why those changes were made – films often get rewritten as they shoot, and retooled and reordered in post-production. Indeed it’s not unusual for scenes to be shot specifically for trailers, with no intention of including them in the finished flick. But with Rogue One having more of these moments than most, we’ve selected the most glaringly obvious from the film’s trailers, TV spots and promo clips, so you can see exactly what you’re missing.

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