‘Rocket League’ is About to Take Over Your Nintendo Switch

One of the biggest games of 2016 was Rocket League, which combined football and cars with hilariously addictive results. The game has already successfully launched on Xbox One, PS4, and Steam, but now you’ll be pleased to hear that the game is coming to Nintendo Switch too.

Rocket League isn’t just launching in isolation on Nintendo Switch, it’ll support cross-platform multiplayer with the other consoles. However, the official website currently states that it’ll only support cross-platform multiplayer gaming with Steam and Xbox One, with no mention of PS4.

The game will also come with special features, all existing DLC and game modes, and more. With no concrete date just yet, the trailer promises a Holiday 2017 release, so you haven’t got too long to wait to discover that Rocket League will dominate the Switch.

Chris Tilly
At this point my life is a combination of 1980s horror movies, Crystal Palace football matches, and episodes of I'm Alan Partridge. The first series. When he was in the travel tavern. Not the one after.