The Rock is Getting a ‘Black Adam’ Film

Drew Dietsch
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Black Adam is a character that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has been attached to for nearly a decade. When DC began formulating their plans for a shared universe, Johnson was tapped to play Black Adam in Shazam!. However, as things have changed over at DC, it looks like their plans for Shazam! have also changed. And now, we’ve been told that there will be two films being filmed concurrently focusing on Captain Marvel (not that one) and Black Adam.

Also known by his Egyptian name Teth-Adam, Black Adam has been a foe to Captain Marvel for close to seventy-five years. What makes him interesting is that he’s not your typical bad guy. Black Adam has often been portrayed as something of an anti-hero in the comics. He is devoted to protecting his people from enslavement and fighting for what he believes is right. He’s not set on world domination or gleeful destruction. He’s the best kind of antagonist: one who thinks that what they’re doing is good.

A Smart Move

black adam the rock fan art
Fan concept by Juan H. Martinez

It makes sense to give Johnson his own starring vehicle. He’s arguably the biggest male action star currently working. To leave him in a supporting role would be something of a waste. Plus, DC is definitely hurting for a tentpole character to anchor the DC Extended Universe. Someone like Johnson would pique the interest of general audiences as well as die-hard DC fans. And more good news: Geoff Johns, who is heading up the DC Films creative division, has written Black Adam stories in the comics. His familiarity with the character will definitely help to make his on-screen incarnation a faithful one.

No word yet on how this will directly affect the development of Shazam! or which film will release first. However, since the films are planned to shoot at the same time, we may even see both films release in the same year. We’ll keep our eyes and ears out for more news on this front. In the meantime, check out the surprisingly fun Superman/Shazam! The Return of Black Adam if your appetite needs whetting.

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